Police Conduct Operation In Vieux Fort

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On Friday, June 10, 2022, a joint police operation was conducted in the Southern Division of the island. About one hundred and twenty (120) police officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, were deployed to conduct a series of targeted searches of residences, vehicles and individuals.

The searches were executed in the town of Vieux Fort, but focused on areas such as Westhall Group, Bruceville, Bacaderre and Martin Luther King Street.

The operation, which commenced about 4:00 a.m. concluded hours later and consistent with the operation’s mission – to seize illegal weapons and ammunition, illegally obtained currency and other contraband, arrest offenders, and bring them to justice- one male individual was apprehended for the offences of theft and burglary.

Upon his return to the island, having attended the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP), Commissioner Milton Desir summoned divisional heads within the RSLPF and the activity was conceptualized.

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It included both foot and mobile resources being utilized, as well as a Police Marine Unit presence to provide coverage of the coast line, in the event of possible attempts to evade via boats.

The Commissioner of Police, and rank and file of the police force remain committed towards achieving its mandate of citizen security.

The recent situation within the southern sector remains a policing priority, and residents, visitors, as well as the business community, can be assured that resources will continue to be dedicated to the region, to restore stability.

The Commissioner of Police continues to urge members of the public to provide information on crimes and criminal intent as the Force continues in its efforts to arrest the mayhem that currently threatens our communities.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force continue to value the human dignity, equality and justice for all.

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. Sounds like a very ineffective operation I would say … 120 officers?? in a crime hot bed and only 1 arrest!!!!

    Is that what I read? What a waste of resources.

  2. Very reactive and empty, is how I would describe the police action in Vieux Fort. That operation was just for show and had no operational value. What did the police expect to get at Banan, Larry and France? Nothing! These gang bosses keep nothing at their homes – they just call the shots – literally. The police should invest more in intelligence led operations and they will reap the results. All the force’s intelligence apparatus and assets are based in Castries, what a waste. And they expect a different result in Vieux Fort? We want more smart policing not just for show responses. We tired of that. I am starting to think that the police high command are brainless, useless and clueless. What a shame!! I want them to prove me wrong!!!

  3. The police have to Carry out Missions at these Locations everyday Until 2027 .Get all these illegal guns from the Hands of tgeze Thugs

  4. 100smph June 10, 2022 At 6:09 pm
    Thank you Kenny, thank you, that’s why I worship you so much. St Lucia times u gonna allow that plagiarism! Smph yo

  5. this crime starts in the home……i was coming on a bus to Grande Riviere and to hear little primary school kids from the blu and white uniform school in Castries one from the orange and brown and white uniform in Sans Souci……these children cursing hard on the bus dam hurry up driver let me go home u not freaking hearing……at one time one said the big F word trust me when a lady with her son couldnt take it again she spoke to the children…that did no good…ME RATID i fall in her little pee panty and demand her to speak better and respect the people on the bus…..when these kids grow up killing people and their parents, its a dam shame….when these kids disrespecting the elderly its a dam shame..when parents give the children what they want becuz they didnt have or becuz the parents want them IN ALL SOURCE, its a dam shame……the children growing up now to be adults are nothing easy..its a dam shame

  6. Bring it RSLP show these punks and a few corrupt officers and politicians what u are made out of! Bc this sheéts gonna affect tourism just now unless u check these mudderphockers smph woiiiii Lucia needs to calm the phock down, we in hurricane season now, u need to brace and prepare for natural disasters not local daily PHoCking disasters… SmPH

  7. “Milton Desir summoned divisional heads within the RSLPF and the activity was conceptualized.”

    This was done routinely back in the day. Was is that such a new concept for Mouton Daisy have to go overseas to realise the value of such operations. Awa wii. What we have for law enforcement in this country?


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