Thursday, September 29, 2022

Police Confirm Three Dead, Five Injured In Coolie Town Gun Violence

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Saint Lucia police have confirmed that three people died, and five others, including an off-duty police officer, sustained injuries in a hail of gunfire at Coolie Town, Marigot, on Sunday night.

Police listed those who died as:

  • Janitor – Versia Alexander, 46 of China Town, Marigot.
  • Store Attendant – Tamara Edmund, 27, of Barre Denis
  • Deejay – Kervin Joseph of Fond Mange

Officers responded to the Coolie Town shooting report about 8:30 pm and said that initial reports indicate the incident involved more than one assailant.

At Monday’s news conference, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) extended sincere condolences to the relatives, friends, and others impacted by the tragedy and disclosed that the organisation would be providing psycho-social support to those affected, including responding law enforcement officers.

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Deputy Police Commissioner Wayne Charlery said there’s a plan  to prevent any further escalation in the gun violence.

“We are now relying heavily on the Marigot Community to give us the necessary support so what we can restore a semblance of a safe community in Marigot by limiting the ability of the criminals to operate and the opportunities available to them,” Charlery disclosed.

Police Commissioner Milton Desir, asserting that to whom much is given, much is expected, noted that despite the Coolie Town incident, there has been constant police action to bring about crime reduction.

He revealed that during 2021, officers recorded 9 990 hours of overt foot and mobile patrols in addition to 41 970 hours of covert patrols.

According to Desir, police seized about eighty illegal firearms last year and over 100 in 2020.

“We are aware of the continued incidents of violence and thus far we have been able to recover 13 illegal firearms and charged persons in connection with the seizures,” the Police Commissioner told the news conference.

He explained that some of the people are in custody, but the majority of them are on bail pending trial.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. @HN I was thinking the same thing – how sick to say this instead of expressing condolelnces – just goes to show why some Lucians are the way they are. @2real you are real with your comment – its the trusth 100persent.

  2. @ ANT:- Agreed – Its the unholy trinity with its racism, hate, grudge and vendetta and the people drank the cool-aid, the result = a Godless & Lawless society, Where do we go from here, Investors and Developers, Tourism gone, what next? The four Horsemen are riding high on government expense.

  3. Sometimes I wonder what type of people are raising these animals who have no regard for life? Easy to blame the cops, the government, the devil, not so easy to blame your friends, your neighbours and your relatives. Decency starts in the home, too many broken bastards from broken homes in this country for us to ever move forward.

  4. @The Honorable Lucian Highgrade your comment should be discarded the poor girl lost her life and all you can think of is how good her bum looks in a pair of shorts???
    why don’t you just express some sympathy and keep your perverted thoughts to yourself.

  5. There is a deep rooted moral rot in St Lucia.
    It started to gain momentum with the SLP pronouncements and behaviour in the 1980s up to today.
    They glorified the drug fueled ghetto culture.
    Just look at the composition of this administration and the followers of the characters in ministers roles.
    Look at the vicious vindictive racist SLP campaign of 2016 to 2021.
    This country is now infested with an evil immoral view of life manifested throughout
    All these murders are just the outward expression of a declining society.
    Money is the only currency. How you get it is irrelevant. Drugs money laundering murder theft bobol prostitution are all rampant.
    Besides being the source or fermentors of this way of life the SLP are also clueless managers
    As I said 7 months ago for all the above reasons it will only get worst.

  6. Why should nations say where is their gods ?
    And rebel against the authorities ?
    Do not be conceited or mislead !
    For God has no part in murder !
    May the Lord treat and repay the the murder according to their much deeds.
    In death they will not part,so that the gunshot will not return to them unsatisfied !
    Law -Less
    Capitol punishment has obolished !
    So then the law is paralyzed, justice never prevails,the judges are blindfold and the law is cruel.
    Jugement :
    The truth is nowhere to be found,the dead cannot speak or vindicate-therefore case close !!

  7. Blame for high level of crime does not all fall on the police doorstep. The government must share part of the blame. Take for example, a gun perpetrator being released on bail after a heinous crime. That has nothing to do with the cops. Another frequent occurrence is the light sentences for gun crime. That again has nothing to do with the cops. It’s up to the government to do its share in creating legislation, and an environment of deterrence. The cops can do only so much.
    Those stats normally touted by the cops should be taken with a grain of salt. Seizing a few guns from a place washed with weapons doesn’t mean jack. There needs to be a change in thinking to combat the scourge of crime. Unfortunately, neither Pip or Desir have the foresight to effect serious change. They will both continue their meaningless trudge towards failure. Poor St. Lisi.

  8. Deputy Police Commissioner Wayne Charlery you said that you are now relying heavily on the Marigot Community to give you the necessary support and i guess information as well but i am sure that the entire community have already been telling from day one who is allegedly responsibly for the numerous killings in the marigot , jacmel and varnard area and you know very well which gang it is but nothing is being done

  9. yeah boy that one touch me especially for the one in the blue dress, she has one nice shape, when you see she put a short pants the bum looking copasetic

  10. The “…constant police action to bring about crime reduction.” isn’t having the desired effect as crime figures and violent crime is trending upwards Mr Desir.

    This translates to “the plan or action” hasn’t been working and needs to be tweaked or “Plan B” initiated.

    Plan B could potentially be starting with your resignation, just a thought.

  11. For years I’ve been advocating “YOU KILL – YOU HANG” nobody listened; so now you wish you did, its too late the horse has bolted. God have mercy.

  12. LBBG, the police officer was breaking no law by being out during the so called ‘confinement’ period. No government can lock up or confine an entire population arbitrarily. People get confined for breaking laws. So this is one law that is unenforceable and a joke. Curfew was the mechanism that gave them such control but was scrapped. Election promise I suppose.

    As it relates to crime in this country – the police remains powerless, clueless and headless. We pity them. That’s what happens when politics infiltrates the rank and file of an organization. But how much longer will this charade be permitted to continue is anyone’s guess. It’s a wonder we didn’t hear at the press conference how the top guns walked the ground after the shooting. We extend our sympathy to the RSLPF and condolences to the families of the deceased.

    • The Firearm act Has a Section for Unlicensed Firearms and ammunition .This has not be Used at the Courts to Convict persons arrested with illegal guns at all is $2.500 Bail and report to the Nearest police station Mondays and Fridays Papisho.Jamaica is in The Red with Gun Violence .The Minister of Natiinal Security Horrace Chang and the Pm along with law makers Changed the illegal gun act to Life Imprisonment for Illegal guns and Ammunition .This is not a Joke in St.Lucia .Persons Dieing by illegal guns and No arrest being made

  13. This is absolutely senseless and ridiculous. We are keeping our own for nonsense. What has got into the heads of our young people. There is little respect for the value of human life. The public needs to call on government for action on illegal guns and violent crimes. The past and current approaches to this escalation in gun violence is not working. Public security and safety need to be a priority.

  14. Under uwp….police clueless…..under slp police still clueless. Just imagine the message this sending to other badmind out there…so easy it is to inflict such carnage and days after you still free out there eating food and possibly drinking rum! People eh need to hear what yol planning to do…just get the scumbags!!!asap

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