Police, Fire Service, Concerned Citizens Search For Missing Child Along Castries River

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Police, the Saint Lucia Fire Service and concerned citizens were searching Friday morning along the Castries River after a report that a child from the Castries area was missing.

The pre-teenager is reported to have fallen into the river, swollen as a result of persistent heavy rainfall.

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The Saint Lucia Fire Service confirmed receiving a missing child report and said multiple agencies were involved in the search.

“It is an active scene,” an official told St Lucia Times.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. My sympathy goes out. Teach people to swim from a young age. Shame that on an Island…many can’t swim. Time to use pools to teach swimming lessons. If you not costal, chance are you can not swim. SFSJCC.org

  2. Well said @Unknown.medic. the current tgis river/s have is at top speed as winds of a terrible hurricane. It is just too sad this lil 11yr old lost his life and i do hope that he wasnt pushed by his friends…hmmm just saying…this does not add up…my sympathies to the families. God bless

  3. so based on the comments ive read there, a st lucian should jump in the raging waters and go rescue the child. wow. water is travelling at that speed in a river, jump in the water to save a child where the water has him way ahead of you. where will u get that child again? its safe for u all to sit behind ur devices and post stuff. wow.

  4. Lucian again why would u jump and save the child and the river has so much things to knock u out .smh heart next time go and jumb in .the river is so powerful u cannot take chances to jump in


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