Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Police foil robbery at First District Court

St Lucia Police successfully foiled a robbery at the First District Court in Castries today, officials say.

Law enforcement officers arrested three men inside the administrative section of the court around 5:30am.

The thieves are thought to have made their way into the building through an opening in the security bars, according to Sonia Monrose – Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice.

The break-in forced the closure of the court while the police conducted their investigation.

Ms. Monrose said nothing was taken from the building although there was damage to the doors and air condition.

“There are a number of things that persons could be looking for. It could be money because persons do pay monies to the courts,” Monrose said. “It could be files. It could be the equipment. We’re not sure what their intentions were.”

A crew from the Ministry of Infrastructure was brought in to assess the damage and begin the repairs.

The administrative section of the building is expected to remain closed for at least two days, Monrose said.

Sonia Monrose


    • Not grammar alone. Dem people need to know the difference between a robbery and a breaking or burglary. Come on now in this day and age. The headline is misleading.

  1. Like the three bandits reported to the court very early that morning to face the charges of housebreaking and burglary.

    • @anonymous the accepted contraction of ‘you all’ is y’all. ‘You’ll’ actually denotes ‘you will’, therefore your sentence reads as “You will trying to correct, but you will more stupid”.
      You might want to ask yourself who is more stupid here.

      • Dwl! I just had to laugh this morning. Your comment is on point though. You’ll = you will or you shall. This is what happens when we insult others by calling them stupid and can’t even write standard English. Like you said…who is stupid now? Lol

  2. Wow. Lucians really think they kn English. .wanting to correct others and they more damm…you all…you’ll. ..standard English

  3. Come on English what while it’s important to speak standard English, just remember it also important to stick to a topic , the topic spoke about robbery and not English stop criticizing each other, stop putting each other down at the end of the day we are all st Lucian’s please.

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