Police Identify Bagatelle Homicide Victim

Saint Lucia Police have identified the victim of Friday afternoon’s fatal shooting at Bagatelle as Shawn Joseph of Trois Pitons, Castries.

He is said to be in his forties.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that Joseph, is reported to have been riding his motorcycle when unknown assailants rode behind him and opened fire.

Shawn Joseph

According to the official, some seventeen shots were fired.

It was reported that Joseph abandoned his motorcycle and ran a short distance before collapsing.

He was taken to Victoria Hospital via ambulance and was later pronounced dead.



  1. And the main issue for everyone is what LGBT people do in their rooms, when people out there acting like they playing water gun fight, this is like the 6th shooting I’ve heard of this week and I’m in the even in the country, mainly because or this society’s ignorance and close mindedness. Focus on the main issues, the ones that actual affect you; like people people being shot down like it’s a game!

    • What LGBT have to do with killing? LGBT, killing, stealing and so on are all wrong in God’s eyes. We are the ones to do what is right before God and mankind.

  2. Please start to hang the pigs next day you find them and the know they are guilty.
    Families had enough. Now who’s expense is this. Every one is hurting over this not just his family.
    Lord we always need you.

  3. Seems he was targeted. Whatever he did to those people they wanted their revenge. So who am I to sya anything. Ride or drive to get to u, then fire 17 bullets. Well TARGETED. STAY AWAY FORM GANGSTER LIFE PPL. U do today sometime down the line u will get yours back.

  4. T o the Joseph family i say: hold tight, and may Shawn rest in perfect peace; Yes it looks like it was the close west not the far west. How many more must go, before they start hanging those useless slaughterers? I Strongly believe that will cool them down; what are we doing with these murderers and their roots in our society? Destroy them all! THAT IS ZABO’S OPINION! and yours?

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