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Police Identify Body Found At Odsan After ‘Exchange Of Gunfire’

Saint Lucia police say the discovery of the body of a male at Odsan on Tuesday came after an incident in which some suspects exchanged gunfire with cops.

The dead man has been identified as Benjamin Cyril, 22, of Bois Patat, Castries.

Police spokeswoman Anne Joseph told reporters Wednesday that the investigation into the death was at a preliminary stage.

She said it could not be determined as yet whether it was a gunshot fired from a police officer’s weapon that killed Cyril.

“A post mortem has to be conducted. There are also certain tests that have to be done so that we can confirm that. We are not in a position to do so at this moment,” Joseph explained.

Cyril had four previous convictions on record, including damage to property, it was revealed.

Joseph said he also had matters pending before the high court such as aiding and abetting the commission of an offence and using a firearm with intent to injure.

“There were also several reports made against that individual to the Criminal Investigations Department in Castries including several robberies, burglaries, assaults with a firearm, assault upon the person, wounding and threats,” according to the police spokeswoman.

Joseph explained that on Tuesday, police conducted an operation in Bexon with the goal of apprehending a group of suspects involved in various offences including robberies in the Castries and Anse La Raye districts.

She told reporters that when approached by officers the suspects discharged a firearm in the direction of the cops, resulting in an exchange of gunfire.

Daihatsu Terios that was found abandoned at Odsan

Joseph said the individuals were able to escape detention in a motor vehicle.

“Officers later received information regarding an abandoned vehicle in the Odsan area after two males were seen fleeing from the vehicle,” she stated.

“Upon arrival, one of the individuals who evaded arrest during the previous operation was discovered unresponsive and was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical practitioner,” she said, adding that the deceased was Benjamin Cyril.

Joseph said one other individual is still at large and is being actively pursued.



  1. SMH. U go where all the guys there are criminals, some with convictions, matters before the courts, shoot first and shoot to kill. Especially if it’s gun related offences.

  2. These thugs Commit Serious Crimes and they are Released on Bail to Continue on their Rampage of Criminal activity .His Friends will take note of What happen to him .Anytime these thugs have Firearms in their posession and Firing at the police get Rid of all of them involved

  3. It is unadvisable and illegal to tell or encourage police officers to kill individuals even as they may have convictions or cases pending in the Courts. However it is recognized that the Commissioner, lawmakers and the law determines the rules of engagement with alleged criminals and suspects. The rules have already included that police officers can defend themselves and can kill individuals in trying to effect an arrest someone whom they suspect of having committed or about to commit an indictable offence. Citizens on the other hand can kill a person in trying to effect the arrest of person who HAS committed an indictable offence. Note the difference and know the LAW.

  4. So for people who are unaware of police powers of arrest take note that you can be killed in order to be arrested if you are resisting of fleeing. You only have to be a suspect of an indictable offence for that action to kick in. However the police officers are to be reminded that force cannot be used disproportionately or unreasonably as it can be argued whether under the circumstances the force used was necessary for the protection of life, damage to property or to secure an arrest for an indictable offence.

    • Man your comment is misleading. Police powers of arrest don’t give officers the right to kill anybody resisting arrest, unless ofcourse that person is armed with a dangerous weapon. I can be unarmed and resisting arrest. Should the police kill me? How do you justify that force. Police officers are allowed to use their firearms if their lives, lives of their colleagues or general public is in imminent threat or danger from an armed individual. Furthermore, someone who is fleeing a scene is deemed to no longer be an immediate threat to life or property. In that instance the officer can use his/her discretion whether or not they choose to pursue or not.

  5. But the most important fact for anyone is that there is a possibility that you can be killed if you are avoiding arrest. You cannot come back after you are dead and your human rights as to the unlawfulness or unreasonableness of police action only kicks in after you are dead. So think about that carefully.

  6. That’s bull**** I don’t believe the guys fire any shot behind the police speak the truth y’all just kill de man bcuz he was running how can y’all sleep knowing that y’all took a life am not saying that they were right to commit they crime but shot de man in his leg y’all sleep like there are no worries

    • Please. Just stfu!!! What about all the people this person terrorized! Seems like you need to take mary job from her. The man was a dog tht needed to be put down. Case closed. One less person being terrorized out there.

    • You’ll always deh to shoot them in deh legs. First of all. Officers are not trained to shoot for the legs. And secondly a shot to your legs can kill you. Incase you didn’t know there are main arteries running through your legs.

  7. Kill alluh dem like the animals they are. N doh tell me u so jackasss . u get gunshot wound. Ou cah flee scene. Eck ou paka mem allay lohpeetal? Eh? U choosing to die than to be prosecuted for your crimes? Ou cah kitay machine la la. Eck try flee? Flee to heaven? Ou twop deck deck

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