Police Identify Deceased In Jacmel Shooting

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Police have identified the deceased in the fatal shooting at Jacmel as 34-year-old Gavaska Shangoo of Odsan.

According to a police statement, about 12:30 am on Monday, August 8, 2022, officers attached to the Anse La Raye Station responded to a report of a possible shooting in Jacmel.

Officers discovered the unresponsive body of a male with apparent gunshot injuries along the roadside.

A pathologist summoned to the scene pronounced him dead.

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A friend recalled that he, the deceased, and others had proceeded to an event in Jacmel.

The friend told reporters that because the group had no problems with anyone in the community, they had no reservations about going.

“When we go there, we cooling out. I myself don’t see no old vibes going on – nothing. We there cool – we had a two drinks. I myself, they had a karaoke – I sing a two songs,” the man said.

He told reporters that after a while he heard gunfire, but was not unduly perturbed.

“I myself don’t take that for nothing. I done know the Jacmel fellas already how dem man like to burst they shots. Is after a good lil while – a fifteen minutes, I myself see the bartender coming. The bartender saying ‘Look they kill a man deh’.

He said he would later discover that the deceased was his friend.

“I myself seeing is my soldier that there. Not to say the man is a violent fella, like trouble and thing,” the man said.

He told reporters that he later learned that individuals had threatened to kill any male from Odsan, the community where the deceased was residing.

According to the man, the situation was uncalled for as the deceased had done nothing to anyone.

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  1. The truth offends, the criminals might be related to all you that’s why you don’t want to print my article

  2. They refuse to go and work for 3 to 5 dollars an hour but prefer to sit on a block to sell cocaine even the young boys keep dropping out of school to sell cocaine and break and enter people’s home to steal flat screen tv they in their 30 and 40s but steal living at thier parents home

  3. SMH, Jackass fellas all over, just killing people just cause they own a gun. They need to be marked for death by the police in silence.

      • The police Have Something to work with .I hope thdy can effect an arrest on that Homicide
        .Its Time Someting Serious be Done about The Criminal activities is St.Lucia .St.Lucia is Now one of the Most Dangerous Island within the Caribbean.


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