Friday, September 30, 2022

Police In Possession Of Joachim Henry’s Firearm

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir has disclosed that law enforcement officers have the legal firearm of Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate, Joachim Henry.

“It is there for safekeeping,” Desir told a news conference Tuesday.

He made the remarks as he announced a police probe into Saturday’s disturbance at the SDA church at Forestierre.

SLP Candidate and former Senator Joachim Henry has admitted to entering the building and confronting his political rival, Guy Joseph.

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“The police are in possession of a firearm but I must indicate now that the firearm was not a subject matter of the event that took place,” the police commissioner disclosed.

“The investigation does not concern the use of a firearm or a firearm being exposed, the incident we are dealing with is a disturbance,” he explained.

“I am not saying he had a firearm when he entered the church.”

Desir said he is happy that the weapon is with the police and was not used to assault or injure anyone.

Desir said the police received the gun from Claudis Francis, who is the holder of a legal firearm.

However he asserted that every situation is different.

“If someone gets hold of another one’s firearm and keeps it or uses it, this is something different,” Desir said.

“But if it is taken with the purpose of taking it to the police and in that particular situation, I don’t see an issue with it,” Desir stated.

“From all indications, it was after the incident,” the police chief told reporters.

And he explained that it is a criminal offence to disturb a church service at any point.

Nevertheless, the police have indicated that there’s a difference when it comes to police work and response.

Headline photo caption: Police Commissioner Milton Desir (Centre) addresses news conference

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