Police Investigate Fatal Road Accident At Micoud

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Police are investigating a fatal accident at Micoud on Monday, which claimed the life of a Mon Repos resident they identified as Garey Gaston.

According to reports, Gaston passed away following a collision between two vehicles near the Volet bridge after 8:00 pm.

Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) spokeswoman Annia Mitchel said around 8:47 pm emergency personnel from the Micoud fire station responded and encountered seven patients.

Mitchel said one of the patients was unresponsive while the others had sustained varying ‘traumatic injuries’.

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“Additional emergency care and transportation was provided to the patients by officers of the Vieux Fort fire station and Dennery fire stations,” she disclosed, adding that the emergency responders took the injured to St Jude Hospital and left the scene in the care of Micoud police.

There are no further details at present.

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    • At this rate they should just put speed bumps every few hundred meters. When people behave immature they get treated as such.

    • Like really !!!! … a speed bump every time there is an accident? At this rate, the government might as well not bother surface the road… steups. Speed bumps are not the issue or solution.
      High time we start talking about the real issues in this country – the drinking problem – a culture of drunks and drunk driving.

  1. More so the reason it is important to have a first class Hospital in the South, to be managed ofcourse by good doctors and well trained medical staff – don’t worry they’ll still be driving stupid – high speed and alcohol, non-Godly Spiritual life; what a waste.

    • What this article fails to mention, let it be known to all the badminds out there, Geary Gaston was NOT the driver of the vehicle that got into this accident. Geary was a passenger in the backseat of the vehicle. Before people set their tongues on fire, maybe fact checking would be wise (tip for life!) What a tragedy. Prayers to the Gaston family and loved ones. God Bless.


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