Police Investigate Odsan Homicide

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Police have confirmed that one man is dead following a shooting incident at Odsan, Bexon, Wednesday night.

Details are sketchy, but reports indicate that at least one other individual may have sustained gunshot injuries.

There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. This level of crime won’t stop and I don’t know why police officers are promoted especially the senior ones for doing nothing and clueless in solving the crime situation. So many unsolved murders in St Lucia.

  2. Hmmm every dog has they day when u die everyone will say the same for u maybe even worse they won’t find your body to bury jackass seems u the murderer

  3. The Cps police vehicle comes to A Business establishment at Union to Collect Steel and Blocks three times last week for the Driver personnal use.The Shooting at Odsan Lastnight is Very easy for the police to Investigate and Effect an arrest .Question .The investigators who will assist them

  4. Surprise! I thought peace had returned to the land. This, hinted by someone in authority who is clueless on security matters. An allocation of a dozen vehicles and…voila! A simple case when wishes get enmeshed in reality. It must have been national stupid day.

    • The police got new vehicles to pickup and drive around there fellow police women and jabals. Believe it or not it happen. It’s new it can go all corners

  5. Crime is getting worse because there’s grown men in the media spreading hatred anger and rage they disrespect women and no one says nothing is ok cause they are protected by MBC what example they setting ? From Canada looking in. It’s a disgrace. No laws in st lucia that’s to close to home

  6. Sleep in perfect peace fam gone to soon 1.6.2022 FLY HIGH ENOX 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️ CICERON

    • Every dog has their day yours would be worse they might not even get your body to bury poor soul


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