Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Police investigate rape of females aged 7 and 22

Saint Lucia Police are investigating reports of the rape of two females aged 7 and 22 in separate incidents, law enforcement sources have said.

The reported rape of the seven year old occurred at Gadette, Dennery on Tuesday.

Details are sketchy.

In another incident that occurred yesterday morning, a man is reported to have dragged a 22 year old female into bushes in the community of Choiseul where he forced himself on his victim.

It is reported that passersby intervened, held the assailant, tied him up and summoned the police.

The man is currently in police custody.

According to information obtained by the Times, an examination by a doctor determined that there had been penetration.


  1. Bravo to the people who caught him
    They should play morel I first with him before handed him to the police. Show him how it feels to drag a person.

  2. Oh boy. …what is it with men and this raping story. I guess it is a sickness. A psychological illness.
    And to rape a 7 year old. Father!!! What vagina a child so young have there to want to Penetrate her. No mervy. No partial.

    I say the courts should have stiffer penalties. Do their Penis inhumane thiNGs. Torture them the way they tortured those women.
    It always enrages me when I hear stories like these.
    Father put a hand….and your feet. Amen

    • I so agree wit u wat does a 7 year old lil girl virgina has to turn on a grown man

  3. Hw wuld drt niqur feel if sum1 his age or older dan him his self…were 2 do drt 2 his mom/aunty/sista/nenen/daughter/niece or cousin?? Lyk seriously gassa d person child not a qoat uu draq her in d bush 4….if is woman uu ain’t getting put Yuh money weh Yuh mouth is n go n do BOMB!! RAPIST!!!

  4. To rape any woman is frightful but to force yourself on a 7 year old is unspeakable. Really? The rapist that was caught should have been beaten mercilessly and then thrown in an isolated jail in cell for life. Society has sunk to its lowest ebb.

    • Read the article carefully before you comment. It said details about the 7 year old are
      sketchy. The man forced himself upon the 22 year old

      • Sketchy or not she’s just a baby as far as I am concern there is no excuse for that


      • Anonymous June 13 at 9:16 pm
        Some sort of physical force is involved by the perpetrator when a rape is committed. He foists himself on the victim. Stop making a fool of yourself!

  5. Scarring a little girl like this for life: emotionally, psychologically, socially, mentally, physically… Smh.
    Its so sad that perverts like these men live among us. What about a little girl is there to sexually entice a grown man and lead him to force himself on her? When this man is caught ( I say ‘when’ with hopes that he is), the justice system needs harsh penalty and should also make and example of low-lives like him. Regarding the case in Choiseul, they should have had the man await the police ‘pantless’ and sitting comfortably on a nest of fire ants.

  6. Porn is one of the decays of our society,and its now used to demoralize our children and women after these Gargoyles has pleasurized them selfs.We the women and children become bait.The mean of the day.Now I solemnly swear that i would have no issues with castrating a damn Gargoyle these creatures of the night these imbeciles of Satan when will we take rape seriously it is detrimental to a woman’s well being and her livelihood please lets make women and children our priority,lets be the nation to stamp out rape,in our midst.It has no place in our society lets practice,and not only preach,lets stop the vacation method,stopbtaking breaks and time off,lets be serious for once.Do what we say and not say and don’t do.Women are Roses and children are Gods Kingdom lets move it St.lucia stop the flossing and sleeping.

  7. Some of them are smart. They know what to do so they do not penetrate. They have diseases and pass on to the little kids and offer them sweetsand ice cream in return for ejaculating on them. Take a case in Ti Roche Micoud where the mother know what is going on but covering up for the guy. Imagine the mother is saying is born the child was born with an std. Also she gota lawyer saying is from a towel the child got the disease. If this is so then doctors exam and test are wrong? So this mither is doctor now? This happen to a5 year child since almost one year ago and up to now the woman claiming the child born with std. She olso say that females in she family nirmally have std. So is only that family that have that specialty? Lucian people be careful who you let in your home espevially women who have girls . The men not their father and they will not want to maintain another man kid. So they take on babies. The mothers shame now so they making up them kind of stories to cover shame. But one day them kids will talk and say wat happen. Just remember the kids growing up.

  8. That’s what the DPP does put the murderers out for them to do more crime…investigate for yourselves. I think hit home so I know..wait till it hit yours

  9. jah knows boy i would seriously kill you for raping my little sister or criple you for life wen u see me or if u ever see me again u have to turn ur head n walk awa…. all the zobies n animals dat deh u mean to tell me dat little child u having sex with…. if was my sister u would’ve been in critical condition no joke n i would have gotten a lawyer and reported my self to the police station url fellers to bad distroying this little girls life for sex well i wouldn’t feel sorry or have mercy on your the same way. i would release all my rage and anger on u tie u up n cut off ur finger 1 by 1

  10. Time to dust off the gallows………Bordelais prison is already full so either release people with petty little weed crime and make space for these freaks or have the hangman remove them from society…. enough talk already!!!!! Its action time and to restore SLU back to a state of normalcy!!

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