Police Issue Statement On Viral Stabbing Video

Saint Lucia Police have confirmed that an investigation is underway into a viral stabbing video that was posted on social media this week.

The video is reported to have been recorded in La Clery, Castries.

The ten second recording shows a male individual, knife in hand, attempting to stab another man who is unarmed and is backing away while trying to defend himself.

The person being attacked falls backward to the ground whereupon the assailant stabs him in the back several times within a few seconds before running away.

The victim then picks himself up and the video ends with him walking away.

“They done stab you how much times already,” a voice on the video says, followed by laughter.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police George Nicholas told reporters at a news conference Monday that an investigation is currently underway into the incident.

He disclosed that the victim was at his home and not in hospital at the time.

Nicholas also said that the victim in the stabbing video had been in contact with the police.

Asked to comment on the fact that the incident had been recorded and there was laughter in the background, the senior police official declared that it was a reflection of the type of society in which citizens live.

“Nowadays when somebody is crying out for help, instead of his neighbour or his fellow men going to offer a hand they would quicker take out their phone, record, and blast it on social media. It’s very disheartening when these things happen,” Nicholas observed.

He told reporters that every citizen has a civic responsibility to assist in maintaining law and order in the society.

“Once you see a crime is happening you have a responsibility to assist in whatever way possible. Instead of pulling out your phone and recording, you can pull it out and call the police. I am sure there are ways one can assist without putting yourself in harm’s way,” Nicholas explained.

He said the video would be “a very helpful tool” to assist in capturing the perpetrator.









  1. The person filming should be arrested as well…. Sad state of affairs. Chastnet allow police to do their work please. Do not ties their hands against these criminals.. Pretty soon we will ALL suffer the fate of SWEET HELEN at the hands of criminals..Trust me, I will not hesitate to put anyone who attack s me for no reason, down… If will be another unsolved case…trust me. Life like a gangster, and I can become a gangster to save my life… “Do not come for me.”

  2. “Instead of pulling out your phone and recording, you can pull it out and call the police.” And would the police show up? It is like Russian roulette. When you call, sometimes you get lucky and get a good cop who is genuinely interested in doing the job. Most times you get those utterly useless ones who have zero concern for law and order. What is a citizen to do?

  3. Mmmmmm it was wrong to laugh and not call police first, but thank God they record it, cause now the law will get the criminal fast.Me if I in trouble I running like hell cause no use calling for help people will video first then help.

  4. We were once Helen of the west, but now we are Helen of the wild wild west, because we are putting into power governments without vision. They just can’t put laws in place to govern all these un timely films, where as they should be giving a help in hand! These camera men and women should be brought to justice for different offences; but there is no law! no vision government! That makes our investigateurs power less! i don’t wish to be in their shoes!

  5. If when one calls 911 they would come right away everyone would call. Now when you try to make peace between two people they turn back on you. Not me anybody beating up so i support the video which can be used as evidence. In that case no one can say it wasnt me. St lucia is not the time of my mother or grandmother. Things have changed and will get worst. SORRY.

  6. Call the police when a crime is taking place 🙁so.sad i tried calling them so many times sometime they would say no vehicle another time some fighting was taking places guns knife and machete when i called it was a female officer who went as far as asking if i can see the chopping taking place sigh like i should stay there amongst them how can i call and report something i cannot see smh all the while trying to stay safe that night 3 people got chopped and 1 got stabbed she gave me.so much run around i just had to hung up if the police came the time i called alot of things could ave been avoided tell some of the officers stop giving stories when we call

  7. If you have the vision why don’t you put yourself up for election then all your visions would be clear you wouldn’t need glasses my idiot friend.

  8. Interesting that the police are not saying their usual: This is only a video snippet. You cannot depend on it. We have to try to get the entire video before we can make any comments or conclusions from the video. The video has nothing to do with Police brutality so it’s suddenly and okay video and the police feels comfortable drawing conclusions on it? The one with the police beating the man with the cutlass or the police woman drawing a gun on a bus passenger, those were insufficient videos huh? Enough with the hypocrisy.

    • I guess you missed the part that said the victim has been in touch with the police. They are not relying only on the video.

  9. I feel you on this George Nicholas. That is the society we have here. A bunch of zombie looking humans with primitive animal instincts and behaviors. HARD TRUTH. Some might not like to hear it. This may not be me or you reading this, but for many (and you’ve seen it) it is the truth. Inhumane type of mentality, people acting like vieux animals with a poor sense of self-worth and even less for the next person.

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