Police Issue Warning Against Bad Behaviour During Carnival Boat Rides

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The Marine Police have warned Carnival boat ride organisers that officers will not tolerate misconduct during Carnival boat rides.

The warning came from Marine Police Commander Kentry Frederick during an appearance Thursday night on the Choice Television Programme ‘Police Insight’.

“If you have friends on board, tell them to behave themselves,” Frederick advised.

“The vessel will be sent back into port. If the Captain choses to be defiant the licence of that vessel will be revoked. The individual will be arrested, the owner, the captain, the master, the crew and the misbehaving individuals,” he explained.

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According to the Marine Police Commander, there’s room at the Anse La Raye, Soufriere, Marchand, and Babonneau police stations.

And in what he described as a ‘worst case’ scenario, Frederick declared that the cell in Vieux Fort, which is very big, has space for many people.

Nevertheless, he said the police would prefer if individuals behave and enjoy their boat ride as the police are there to ensure that they comply with the law and remain safe.

Frederick disclosed that, based on ticket sales, in excess of 3,000 people will be on various boat rides between Friday and Tuesday.

“We have a heavy boat ride schedule,” he revealed.

 “That can be a bit overwhelming, but we will use our assets to monitor and to ensure that persons do what they are supposed to do,” the Marine Police official stated.

He explained that an entire boat ride can be cancelled, and the vessel returned to port because of the misconduct of a few individuals.

“We will be out there,” he said, adding that the Marine Police have conducted ‘dry runs’ relating to control of the Castries harbor and coordinating the passage of vessels.

Frederick said that the lighthouse, pilot, and the Marine Police would be among those involved regarding boat rides.

“We need to know what time you’re leaving, where you’re leaving from, how many persons on board. The security plan dictates that you have your own security personnel on board and police officers,” he told Police Insight.

Headline stock image courtesy Omar Eagle-Clarke (Unsplash.com)

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  1. Oh Please!. Go get the gangsters that creating terror in VFort or the drugs that crossing St Lucia territory you will get a salute from the public and even a promotion instead of monitoring how adults have fun on a boat.

  2. St. Lucians on a Boat with music blasting, singing and dancing and you asking them to behave, the fact they are there, they are not kids on the play ground. The only way they’ll behave is if it rains or the water is rough. Nothing wrong with a boat ride, but the drinking – no thanks.

  3. It’s about time we have some semblance of Law and Order in this place. Authorities must show who is in charge at all times. Cut no slack.

    • How can that happens when the politicians encourage lawlessness? Just yesterday there was this video going around of a vendor who went as far as threatening a police officer who asked him to not vend in a no vending zone. He said he put his X for the pitbull and nobody moving him. How can the police do their jobs? That is why I don’t really blame the police for most of the crap you see happening. The know what happens when they try to uphold the law. So why bother.

    • IF … I owned a boat, and had a boat captains licence; should my boat, and my profession be hired for “a party”; before leaving the shore/port, I would present my R & R to the “party masters”. If anyone dares to disobey MY R & R, I would stop my vessel, and call for the assistance of the Marine Police – to remove the troublemakers, AND I would hold the “party masters” accountable. That is discipline and MY responsibility to get MY money’s worth from the people who hired my boat for their party.

      • For a “Carnival boat ride?” You expecting you expecting good behaviour from me? Best you park that boat 😂.

  4. i agree but its not fare that if one person or a set of persons dont behave and thecaptain or owner warns these people and these people dont listen that peter have to pay for paul cause people pay their big money. if anything like this happen the captains should stop the boat call the marine police and have those jackases escorted off that boat ride. everyone else dont have to pay the price of a few ignorant ones when they just came to have fun

  5. Excuse my “bad behaviour” but I am drunk on a carnival boat ride isn’t it supposed to be so? Once I don’t get into a fight or mess around with the boat but anyway.
    I would rather go to Babboneau police station with the potential of I escaping just like the murderer did please.

  6. That reminds me of the incident, which took place long ago while the groupe were sining ‘all on board’,and what happend ?all were over thrown in the ocean,hope another one like this be avoided.


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