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Police Lay Charges After Gros Islet Fracas

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Press Release:– About 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 11, 2021, Officers attached to the Gros Islet Police Station were on mobile and foot patrol in the town of Gros Islet.

These patrols are routine since the reintroduction of the curfew. 

During their patrols, officers encountered a make shift road block, made of steel, galvanise and pieces of wood, restricting motor vehicular access.

Officers approached a group of civilians gathered around the barricade, and asked them to disperse.

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Persons from the group refused to comply and run into a dark area nearby, pelting stones and bottles in the direction of officers.

Officers gave chase and were able to arrest five individuals in the process.

One police officer and two civilians were injured during the incident. 

On Friday, March 12, 2021, charges were preferred against the following individuals:

  1. Linus William, a fifty-seven year old shop owner of Gros Islet, charged with   Failure to Cease Operations.
  2. Eugene Dumerville, a twenty-eight year old resident of Gros Islet, employed with the Public Service, charged with Threats of Death against a member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, Insulting Words and Breach of Curfew.
  3. Nadege Sylvester, a twenty seven year old resident of Gros Islet, employed as a suite attendant charged with Obstruction, Insulting Words, Assaulting a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest.
  4. Kez Paul, an unemployed twenty one year old resident of Gros Islet, charged with Breach of the Curfew.
  5. Wilmer Michaud, a twenty seven year old, unemployed resident of Gros Islet, charged with Threats of Death against a member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and Breach of Curfew. 

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force condemns the actions of these individuals and any other individual attempting to subvert the law.

Such behaviour and any statements or actions condoning such behaviour is reprehensible.

We wish to thank the members of the public who have supported our law enforcement initiatives and wish to remind the general public that we remain committed to creating a safer environment for all people in Saint Lucia.


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