Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Police Lay Charges After Report Of Parent Assaulting Augier Combined Teacher

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Vieux Fort police investigating a report of threats by a parent against a teacher and assault at the Augier Combined school, arrested a suspect last week.

Law enforcement officials have identified him as Kervin Charles and disclosed that he is due to appear in court Wednesday in Vieux Fort.

According to the officials, investigators charged Charles with making threats, assaulting a male teacher at the learning institution, and contravening the education act.

The development follows an incident at the Augier Combined where according to reports, the school’s Physical Education teacher admonished a student involved in a tussle with another student.

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The student left, and returned with his parent through the back gate.

It is alleged that cursing and carrying on in the presence of students, the parent slapped the teacher on the hand and challenged him to a fight, declaring that he had nothing to lose.

The parent also allegedly threatened to stab the teacher, who said the incident traumatised him.



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  1. The Crow .. whilst your sentiments are probably based on de-escaltion I suspect it maybe to late for positive changes. the kid knew very well what his father’s reaction would be, hence the reason for going to get ” his father” it was not the parent’s first nor 2nd time . it makes sense to me that a lesson be taught and hopefully the kid will understand why that behaviour was wrong . in fact I hope the child gets some form of help from therapist .
    Dark money and dirty Politics ..whilst I did not support the politician going onto a church and cause disruption, I do believe there are laws in relation to this. but as some rightly put it if there’s no complaint then there are no charges. ask yourself , why didn’t Mr Joseph and or the Church file a complaint ? or sue Mr. Henry ? the above article isn’t about politics but a family where ” bad precedents” are being set !

  2. The ministry needs to get to the bottom of this matter. Parents have absolutely no right to go on school grounds and verbally and physically assault a teacher. However, we need to dive deep and look at the teacher’s interaction with the student and how he tried to de-escalate the situation between the students and the parent. Teachers need strategies in their tool box to deal with irate parents. We need good relations between the school and parents in the best interest of the children’s education. How do we repair the relationship between the teacher, parent and student inorder to restore the respect and trust?

  3. I smell bias, I do not support and will never support this type of behavior from any parent. My point is, why wasn’t his name withheld to protect the kids involved? Why is his name mentioned in this article and his only been charged? Innocent until proven guilty. Again, I’m not in support of his stupid attitude and I’m not related to him either.

  4. Its sad when things of that magnitude happens. What trend are we setting for our children , are we breeding criminals? Parents cool out, do not be too haste, ask questions before you make a wrong judgement. Pray with your children.

  5. @ Dark Money and Dirty Politics in your own words you are very stupid. To prefer a charge in the incident you cited although a crime was comitted you need a complainant. Voting or one law for some and another law for others nonsense canmot change this basic policing procedure. Take that political wool off your eyes.

  6. If it were left to me, I would have him apologize to the teacher (in front of everyone) and have him compensate the teacher. Throwing him in prison will not help his son in any way, shape, or form.

  7. But no charges were laid on the man who entered a church and assaulted another…in fact he has now become a minister. One law for some and another law for others. And here was stupid me thinking I was voting for better and different

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