Thursday, September 29, 2022

Police Make Several Arrests After Break-Ins At Rodney Bay Businesses

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On Monday, during an early morning operation, officers from the CID at the Gros Islet police station arrested several men in connection with break-ins at various restaurants and bars in the Rodney Bay area.

According to reliable sources, police arrested seven suspects after receiving information about attempts to break in at two establishments. A photo on social media showed four suspects on the ground.

The sources indicated that the men are believed to be part of a criminal ring that operated during curfew hours.

There are no further details at present.

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Headline photo from social media.


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  1. At one time I worked for a security company for $2.35 an hour but despite that small wage I was never tempted to steal from anyone.

    Now I am able to hire my previous boss and pay him 8 times what he use to pay me.

    We need to learn to prudently manage our resources , manage your spending and saving .money management should be taught at school.

  2. Malaway Shops all of them Should have been Dead.These young guys Refuse To Work hard and Get pay Fortnightly .Its time the Owners of Business Establishments Set up Ambushes qnd Destroy all of these Useless Worthless Thugs

  3. there are no jobs an opportunities in the country for the people .. The thousands of people who live their home to go to work only earn about 300 dollars a fortnight its like they are only working for mini bus drivers

  4. That garbage give the island bad name. Why the police don’t use baton’s and beat those Nig’jer’s feet bottom’s? Everybody will know who these bastards are when you see them walking around with a limp.

  5. Can we like harvest their organs and give it to people who needs an organ transplant and can play a proactive part in the development of our society?

  6. Good line them up and make an example out of these deviants. All that energy and brain power to do illegal activity create jobs with all this knowledge.

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