Police Officer, Civilian Injured And Two Suspects In Custody After Jacmel Incident

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About 11:40 p.m. on Saturday, June 11, 2022, officers attached to the Special Services Unit referred a report to Special Patrol Group of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

The team, responsible for patrols of the communities of Marigot, Anse La Raye and Canaries, following an upsurge of violent crimes in the areas, were provided with information regarding the Assault of and Threats made against a Police Officer, in the Morne d’Or area.

The mobile team was provided with the particulars of the motor vehicle on which the alleged offenders had left the scene, and proceeded to attempt to locate the suspects.

The Special Patrol Group encountered the same motorcar in Bois D’Inde, Jacmel and proceeded to give verbal commands to the driver to stop.

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The driver failed to comply, steering the vehicle towards an officer, who had disembarked the marked police vehicle, in attempt to stop the vehicle.

Rounds were discharged, in an effort to prevent injury to the officer and bring the vehicle to a halt.

One male occupant was injured, as well as the officer who had attempted to stop the motorcar.

The officer was treated at a local medical facility and subsequently discharged without life threatening injuries. The injured occupant of the motorcar left the OKEU Hospital without being medically discharged.

The two remaining occupants are currently in police custody.

The Major Crime Unit of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has conduct of investigations, in keeping with standard operating procedures, related to police involved shootings.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force wishes to draw reference to videos circulated via social media of individuals appearing to confront officers and assist suspects after they were detained by officers.

We continue to strongly urge citizens to refrain from obstructing police officers during the conduct of their duties.

Once efforts have been made to secure a scene, individuals must remain at a safe distance for the protection of officers, suspects and civilians alike.

Section 60 (2) (c) of the Police Act states that it is unlawful to assault, obstruct, resist or incite another to assault resist or obstruct a police officer during the execution of his or her duty.

Persons convicted for this offence may be imprisoned for a term not exceeding six months.

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline stock image – RSLPF Officer participates in operation.

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  1. All of us know Shanice William and Luciana Flavius are cousins to the victim. Boisden is a Hotspot for crime. The victim is a member of OTF, the famous criminal group of Boisden. The police should do some more shooting.

  2. Who ever is using 100smph with is callous childish remarks is a fake, conartist 🐍 smph lol grow a PHoCking imagination and come up wit yo own name Punk AS*

  3. These thugs are ignorant, illiterate and disrespectful in every area. They do not want to educate themselves but would rather live the thug gangsta life. Poverty always existed in St Lucia and always will – however; the elders learned to make an honest living by farming, fishing, sewing, cooking, selling legal items etc.

    However, THIS new generation of good for nothings are disrespectful and out of control. They do not respect or honor their parents and love to reap where they did not sow. Some parents are scared and on occasion partake of the ill gotten gains. It’s a demonic generational cycle of cursed malveetaays.

    They are envious of others and want to impress folk in their community. St. Lucia is a small island if you want to honestly live in peace – work with your government and anonymously tell who they are before it’s too late for you or your family. If you perceive that folk in government may or may not be corrupt. Type a letter and send it to a relative who lives abroad and they can then mail it in to the appropriate personnel as some of you are running scared and I certainly understand.

  4. Persons convicted for the offence of unlawfully assaulting, obstructing, resisting, or inciting another to assault resist or obstruct a police officer during the execution of his or her duty may be imprisoned for a term NOT EXCEEDING 6 MONTHS!!! Poppy show!!! Six months??? That section of the law (Section 60 [2] [c] of the Police Act) must be amended immediately! If serious punishment is not meted out to those offenders who make it difficult for the Police to do their work, how can the Police get the upper hand on crime?! If Saint Lucia is going to emerge from under the stifling, wet blanket of crime that’s suffocating the island today, the country must cease giving a little “slap on the wrist” for their heinous crimes! We see the same poppy show when people found with illegal guns are given bail the minute they go before a magistrate! Crime will continue to escalate unless the punishment drives fear into the law-breakers! Then again, the powers that be do not have enough balls to do what needs to be done! They seem more interested in the popularity that comes from catering to the opinions of the deviants who are destroying the society!

  5. If it is the video going around then it doesn’t corroborate this report. That shooting look more like a hit job than anything.

    • One thing about this country is everyone is a professional in everything, every service, analytics, everything. Video is going around, sure, still does not show every single thing that took place before, during and thereafter. You should stand true to your name and reserve judgment.

  6. Its time the police make an exàmple out of these Persons who prevents the police From executing their Duties .Every Scene must be Cordon off about 300Meters every one One Stay behind the police caution tape

    • but the police here is a shate for these lucians, unless the police dont give them some hard gon butt and kick in their face they will not hear let the police do their jobs especially when is criminal elements the police are dealing with


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