Police Officer Shot Dead, Another Wounded In Bocage Castries

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A police officer is dead, and another was in critical condition following a shooting incident at Bocage, Castries, on Saturday night.

Law enforcement officials have identified the deceased officer as Nathan Timaitre of the CID.

The officials told St Lucia Times that Timaitre and another officer were doing a cash escort in civilian clothing when shooters ambushed them.

Timaitre died on the spot, while his partner, identified only as King, was rushed to hospital in critical condition.

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There are no further details at present.

Headline photo: Officer Nathan Timaitre

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Don’t get me wrong, cause I sympathize with the family and the RSLPF, but no media has spoken about the shooting in the Mangue, Vieux Fort on that same night. The victim is fighting for his life so at least show some form of empathy to him and his family.

  2. The devil is a murderer from the begining,and has many entisciaments,so there’s danger where ever we go,so because of this the land mourns, but no one deserved to die before time.
    Blood shed upon blood shed, their thoughts are evil on gain !
    Died from the grasp of evil and cruel men !
    With tears and a broken 💔 heart
    God one will bring Judgement !

    As the rain and the snow
    comes down from heaven,
    and do not return to it
    whithout watering the earth
    and making it bud and flourish,
    so that it yields seeds for the sower and
    bread for the eater,
    so is my word that goes out from my
    mouth :
    It wil not return to me empty,
    but will accomplish what I desire
    and acheive the purpose for which I
    sent it.

  3. If we continue to grant bail to gunmen that are found with guns . We will continue to have gunmen killing people including cops. This is not rocket 🚀 science …. Even persons with an IQ of 62 should be able to figure this out .
    In reply to Lucian TerroristHorse … you are a jackass and a victim blamer. 🤡

  4. Pierre, can we have a pilot project to handle the criminals of this country. You have invested $1 million in vehicles. These vehicles will only make sense if we you can put them into multiple uses. They should be equipped and configured like a moving police station. It should also have a GPS so it keeps track of the where abouts of the vehicle. A report from the GPS should be made avainle upon request. Instead of honking your horn about the vehicles, choose about 4 police stations which can be used for such pilot. During the pilot, you change the culture of the police, their operations, Record keeping, Detective work. Once you are satisfied with the out come of the pilot, you roll out your plan in phases until the project is completed. We need changes to be more proactive. The police should not only be reactive – the guys have no plan. St.Lucia is slowly becoming a cemetery for Lucians and not a place to live. We need a plan




  6. Police are not supposed to do Special duties than Police work leave that for armed security companies to handle and furthermore he was not doing the work tax payers were paying him to do.

  7. How many times must I say – ‘If you kill – you must hang’
    but nobody listen; they follow the same big Country Laws, by not hanging, but we Have a big problem for a small Island.
    If the Police is given Orders not to shoot, that plays into the hands of the criminals. Where is Mary? Mary what do you have to say?
    WW3 is on our hands, shortages will come on every item, starting with cooking gas, Gas for your vehicles, then imported foods etc. etc.
    This new Government must do something about daily crime or we surrender to the criminals, the same who are on Bail, are doing all this crime.
    Father God you are a Miracle worker, we trust in you to do something quickly for this Rock, Father God we surrender to you, do something for us soon. Amen.

    • Stop your religious ignorance pls, before any execution the system must get facts together first or they risk getting sanctioned by the US which i know you don’t want. R.i.p officer of this corrupted system. He who is without sin cast the first stone my personal message to you.

      • @smh you the one the bowing to the system and using you for their own gains so when crimes like this occur all u want to hear r.i.p and go kill the criminals without understanding what causes the crime in the first place. House slave

  8. It’s time to ban the face masks and hoodies…..We are not in any cold country…..

    • I fully understand that everyone has a right to their opinion but you’re talking foolishness!!! Since when are hoodies the reason for Useless idiots committing crimes?

      Trevor Martin was wearing a hoodie when he got shot but some wanna be cop.

      So hoodie are to be blame? What a joke!!

  9. The law enforcement in st. Lucia need to unleash fire on criminals. Criminals with guns need to be canceled. Let’s get the criminals neutralize. Wake up!!!! WTF

  10. So sad. Ring back operating restore confidence we are tired of leaving in fear in this country. No one knows who is next. The criminals have taken over. Police are afraid of shooting them because the human right lawyer will be up in their faces. It’s only when those human right lawyers experience it they will know that the criminals has no conscience. Stricter laws in stlucia. No bail for these guys and life in prison is the way to go. When we instill those laws then those out there will be scared of attempting it. Stop maki g it easier for the lawyers instead of making it ease for the citizens. We need change Slp administration. You always had a problem with what uwp did always talk about doing it different. Here is your chance to do it differently. Pip I thought you were a god sent but I wonder now if u care at alll about us it looks like you only wanted your last term in office to be at the highest level. I had high opinion of you but seeing , experiencing and hearing have made me change my opinion of you. Stop the selfishness and bring chances so we can leave and enjoy our country without fear. Peace and love

  11. Mr p.m its time to discontinue that mask wearing in public thing because criminals are using it to they advangage . All them over grown over entittled selfish triggermen . Lets send them to ukraine were they can happily practice they profession .

  12. An island arrest warrant is in place for unpaid traffic offense tickets while the killers have weapons fit for the Ukraine conflict…………

  13. The immediate suspension of mask in public must now be law. The mask has become a major problem in crime fighting and detection. I say no more.

  14. Police officers are buddies to the known criminals. I hope this is a wake up call to all police officers. Get serious and do the job that you take the oath to do. Get rid of all the criminals now. You know them, you know their hangouts.

  15. To add insult to injury, the ink is not yet dry on the bail documents that were signed two days ago to allow two persons arrested on illegal possession of firearms and ammunition to return to their respective communities to do who knows what! Shame on the justice system! People risk their lives to give sensitive information to the police about guns; the police then use that information to search for the contraband; they find the illegal weapons and ammunition; they arrest the culprits and take them to court before a “respectable” judge; then the same day the Court grants the culprits bail to go back to their communities to cover their illegal tracks and put better measures in place to safeguard their illegal acts and way of life! Saint Lucia — you are on the precipice of hopelessness!

    • In some countries, law abiding business owners and home owners are allowed to own a gun to protect themselves. In places like St. Lucia where only the dangerous criminals and police have guns, it leaves vulnerable people at a disadvantage and some have to illegally purchase a gun to protect themselves.
      Not all gun owners are out here robbing and killing innocent people.

  16. I hope the stolen money was for the purpose of purchasing the gunman’s casket. May he soon join the officer in eternal rest. Condolences to the family of the deceased officer. To the injured officer, I wish you a speedy recovery.

    To the RSLPF, I hope that you will soon get you act together – because you seem unsure of you mission and purpose. Your leaders seem more interested in political gain than crime fighting. So sad. I hope you find your way soon, for service is important to us.

  17. If a weed pops up in your garden. You don’t rip it up, it gets watered. Eventually it will take over the entire yard. We still have time to stop this but that window is closing very fast. They get more bold by the day. R.I.P. officer. Hope the other recovers fully.

  18. This is very sad.Condolences to his family. The police need to be more serious now, especially when criminals are so bold to kill one of their own. They need to bring back ORC to kill these criminals. When the Police shoot their ass, families are coming out to say police is wrong and their child was good? These judges that bail people out a day after they were arrested with guns for $18,000 needs to be off the bench, they are encouraging these criminals to kill. There should NOT be any bail for people caught with guns, this is bullcrap now. They need to provide the police with bullet proof vest as well.

  19. This is so sad and I don’t won’t to be the one spoiling this by saying something insensitive but this should be a wake up call to you officers to take your job seriously and don’t play with those criminals no matter what people say, one of your colleges are down and who knows the other soon might follow. I hope when they get the bastards who do this they don’t play with them. It’s high time this crime thing has to stop just yesterday there was a raid in Jacmel Bois Den and I want to say it’s a sigh of relief that they went with the person’s involved and all those guns. Don’t give them a break be on them 24 7 so that even when they even think of doing criminal activity you already on them. Let us take back our community and freedom from these criminals.

  20. i hope we st lucians stop crying for these criminals……..this is nonsense….officers need to rally round each other……i dont care wat nobody say

    • 💯 % true!! Get them Fin all 6 feet under. We need a special squad like black water to solve this. Point then out take them out.

  21. Should we be surprised? Criminals have been doing as they please on the island,now that it has hit home they might take as actual approach into doing actual policing rather than the usual Buddy Buddy nonsense…The usual communities seem to fire shots as they please with no police response,because “oh it’s just guys bussing their gun”…Guys posting guns on their Facebook pages & IG like it’s a normal thing…Hopefully the police start to make a real statement.

  22. @ the children are our future, you are spot on. Simply because they benefit from their children’s nefarious activities. May Nathan rest in peace. Praying for a speedy recovery for the other officer.

  23. St. Lucia is not a real place. Smh. If Philip J Pierre and co do not realize how bad crime is here, then all is lost. We are talking about vaxx mass when ppl are being killed daily by brazen criminals.

    • Out of all the comments this one i will agrew with. Something needs to be done. And there are so too much red tape preventing the police from complishing what they need to do..i mean after operation restore confendence and America wanted the matter investigated. Havent everyone realised that the street belong to the gangsters. More guns are coming into this sweet little island. I have applied for a standard gun and have been refused. Those fellers getting semi automatics, assault rifiles. I am not pointing fingers but something does not add up. The government, politicians, customs, the commissioner, the officers and the those bad boys out there.. there is balance in any of it…

  24. And when Police take them out their mothers will want to come and cry on TV saying “He was a good boy!” Mary eyebrows where you??

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