Police Officer’s Son Among Two Shot Dead

The son of a police officer was among two males who were shot dead Monday night at Sarrot.

The deceased have been identified as Dexter Felix Jr and his cousin.

Dexter is the son of Inspector Dexter Felix, according to reports.

Francis Altenor alias ‘Tiny’

He and his cousin, Francis Altenor, alias ‘Tiny’ were shot dead in a house.

The double homicide follows Sunday night’s fatal shooting of 22 year old Anela Wilson at Pigeon Island.

The Marchand resident was shot multiple times in the head.

Anela Wilson – Deceased

Hubert Kerry John of Maynard Hill, Castries who was with Wilson at the time sustained gunshot wounds to the back and is hospitalised.

A relative of Wilson who was also present at the time of the shooting escaped unhurt.

A suspect in that shooting surrendered to the police on Monday evening.


  1. How you jump from 1 news to a another…what’s this subsequently 🙄
    Without conclusion…smh

    To the deceased peace awaits on the other side…

    End the gun violence. Stop killing!
    Thou shall not kill.

    Also stop exposing the dead, making videos. They have famiies that are grieving. Show some respect.

  2. Wah boy Dexter!i feel it brother….S.I.P bro…never knew you to be in anything illicit..what could have cause this?

  3. Sad, one of them was actually pretty cool, RIP! but now I am really starting to believe that thing about Karma is true!

    • That’s all you have to say Lucian Highgrade. You are such a moron. That’s the future of your country going down the drain. Young men rest in peace. My condolences to their families.

      • Fearful, if you rea.d articles here often enough you would know that Lucian Highgrade is just an idiot who lives to make silly comments on this site everyday. Yes he/she supports my party but I am embarrassed by his/her stupid comments. A real lowgrade.

  4. Dexter was an excellent young man, he had an excellent,job a future,but he got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time,they came for his cousin,the house was shot up.

    • You mean he kept the wrong company. A lesson to all those who like to keep ” Bad Boy” friends in your company. It may cost you your life, these low life goons have no loyalty to anyone.

  5. Citizens are being ginned down almost daily. The populace should be out on the streets raising hell as the government seems completely clueless and important to even reduce the bizarre frequency of these heinous and senseless murders. St. Lucia is the murder capital of the Eastern Caribbean. lick knowledge.Because of the lax security in the country, gunmen and murderers feel emboldened to kill at will with impunity. How many more must die before this incompetent government takes action to arrest this unprecedented spate of murders. For overseeing the largest spike in human carnage, Chastanet and the UWP have to GO!

    SLT can you apprise the public of the number of homicides for the year? This is nothing to hide as it should be public knowledge.

  6. As a mother of a 20 year old well disciplined young man my heart bleeds for the grandmother and other family members of this young man.

  7. Talking of karma Dexter Felix mother was killed a couple of years ago in Sarrot by a lady in what was called a dispute about a man.But this young man was an excelent person,shame all this culture of guns to solve our problems is becoming a common event RIP Dexter

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