Police Probe Break-In At Courts

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Police are investigating a break-in at the Courts, Castries location of Unicomer (Saint Lucia) Limited.

A company statement said the break-in occurred after business hours on Wednesday.

According to the statement, staff realised evidence of foul play when they opened for business on Thursday morning, and the police were summoned immediately.

The store remained closed for half of the day.

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And the company statement said no additional details were available.

Although no staff member was hurt due to the incident, Managing Director Johnathan Johannes told reporters Thursday morning the employees were traumatised.

“We are going to see how we can assist law enforcement in getting a solution and getting some answers,” he stated.

“The most important thing for me is the safety of our staff and our customers and I think that we have provided a safe environment during operating hours,” Johannes asserted.

“What we need to establish is what went wrong during the night time hours and how we can further beef up security,” the company official explained.

According to Johannes, crime affects private citizens and businesses throughout Saint Lucia.

“And I think that we as a people need to take a greater stance against crime and criminal activity and if we know something we need to report it to the authorities so we can get crime solving at a faster rate,” he told reporters.

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  1. Johannes comments can be interpreted as we don’t really worry about these break-ins because we can claim a lot more from our insurers. These break-ins almost seem to be an inside job and when I say inside, I mean management. Remember that famous Barbadian Supermarket Julie’n.

  2. As a law abiding citizen I am encouraged to roll on courts as well..its like hit after hit after hit…that’s the sketel of robberies it seems. I guess that’s what happens when you reap the poor and ignorant of their savings through high prices and sneaky fine prints.

  3. from the time they harrassing me to pay the goods i rather order everything overseas now…you explain your situation to courts to give you ample time to seek funds when you are not working and its as if they are not understanding….to me its as if courts that getting the most break ins….what money u all have to gain from this ??? i wonder

  4. The Point of Entry where the Thieves Broke into was an Easy Target .Thats the Best Courts Could have Done .These Companies Managers want Billions of Dollars Profit every Year and They dont want to pay For Security because all their Items are Insured.There have been So Many Incidents at That particular Location .Courts Management Refuse to Relocate I guess they know why

  5. Courts is a living breathing example of corporate greed and white collar extortion, the organization has had ample time to move away from that spot all they did was reinforce the doors each time throughout the years, know why?

    The volume of money and hire purchase entrapments (interest) they rake in from that low income saturated area is worth one-two repairs or protection upgrades.

    They have had enough time to go rent out somewhere else, but whats a few etra hundred dollars for some low-skilled guards presence compare to the holding and squeezing the general populace into some monetary commitment they wont be able to sustain and having owed the company for years racking up more interest.

    Its extortion in genius mode…

  6. Unnicomer do not have no staff working they employ security firm to do the job. So the statement have to be precise on its merit and it should not be construed as if courts staff is a victim. That being said unnicomer is a cheap sake enterprise only looking to rip the last cent you have in your pocket because a friend of mine had proposed proper security measures to deter things of such but their management stupidity is now making them pay the ultimate price so be it…


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