Police Probe Chaussee Road Shooting

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Police are investigating a shooting on Chaussee Road, Castries, around 7:30 pm on Wednesday.

Details surrounding the incident are sketchy, but emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) Headquarters said when they arrived on the scene with an ambulance, the victim had already been transported to the hospital via private means.

There are no further details at present.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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    • Best believe they will behave themselves if police start taking them in alive or dead. But noo we wanna be Pu55ies and protect the rights of the criminals. I blame people like mary francis for this bs. Its not her family members being robbed, stabbed, shot, raped , etc is why she takes such a position on things. People are shooting damn near in front the police stations now. That means they have 0 respect for life and 0 respect for the law and the authorities who enforce it. If you not afraid you doing anything. We need to make people afraid to commit a crime for the fear of facing serious punishments. I miss the firing squad and hanging.. sigh Lucians have the power for change but we refuse to act and then complain crime this crime that. wake up you fools

  1. I believe our already compromised tourism industry is going to be further compromised by this crime wave. And I’m not talking about all inclusive stays because at the end of the day these hotels contribute little to the local economy compared to tourist who stay elsewhere. The moral decay that we’ve accepted in this country is finally bearing fruit and this is the burden we have now had placed on our collective shoulders.

    Our ministers are failing us on all fronts, the country is crime ridden, our governmental ministries are running like a well rusted machines and our infrastructure is in dire need of rejuvenation. This is truly an incompetent administration. The time has expired when they can keep blaming the previous administration for their problems. Now the onus is on you PJP to fix this, otherwise I believe we will need to call for an early election if you and your cohorts are not up to task. You and your ministers have all been blinded by your own hate and prejudice and the agenda was made personal instead of putting sweet Helen first.

    And this isn’t political. It’s about the country. I welcome any new comers who believe they have the grit and determination to take this country out of this rot and into prosperity.

  2. boy i heard when those shot burst fellas from inside the chasusse said they never heard any type of gun like that even the shell casing they could not make out. seems is a ne machine gun these fellas have

  3. And the Cabinet of Millionaires say :
    ” It ain’t me! Check de police!’
    The farcical responce to crime by the Prime Minister a few days ago goes to show St Lucia is on autopilot.
    These Ministers revel in the spoils of office but want no responsibility with the authority.
    They hammered the last government for the past 5 years by twisting the truth, magnifying problems, scaring off investors and confusing the public.
    Now in power they have no plans, no strategy, no skill sets to manage any aspect of our country.
    That is the damning reality.
    No plans to deal with crime
    No strategy to deal with inflation and loss of buying power for families.
    No workable policy for sports.
    No moral base and plans for dealing with the vulgarity of public life.
    No plans for improvement in a massively inefficient civil service.
    No strategy or realistic tactical approach to improving tourism.
    The Cabinet of Millionaires are devoid of the capacity to move St Lucia forward.
    We knew it but reality is now staring us in the face in these dangerous times.

  4. I wonder if it’s the same high powered gun doing all the shootings? 🤔 it started with that shooting up the Morne a few months ago,then it struck Babboneau & now it struck the Chaussee…Officers y’all need to get that gun & get it quickly…Use y’all resources because we have a psycho on the loose…How many more to die before y’all do a major raid? I think it’s about time to strike because they will strike again.

  5. PM focusing on special prosecutor whilst our national security is at high risk. WHERE IS THE NATIONAL SECURITY MINISTER. PM YOU HAVE FAILED ON NATIONAL SECURITY.

  6. Don’t worry PJP is concerned. Poyotte as she said last is putting Mechanisms in place to deal with crime. So wait guys. We are working and supporting the Police to fight crime. We waiting for them to change their strategy.

  7. The Persons Responsible for National Security have To do Something now .Before St.Lucia Finish .The police Refuse to do their Job .Cancell all police Leave for one Month and have everyone on the Road day and night


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