Sunday, September 25, 2022

Police Probe Daylight Cutlass Attack In Castries

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Police have launched an investigation into an incident Wednesday in which a male individual came under cutlass attack in Castries.

A video on social media shows three men in hot pursuit of another across from the Castries Car Park.

The man they are pursuing runs headlong into a provisions tray near the sidewalk and falls.

At that point, one of the pursuers who is wearing a sky blue top hurls several cutlass blows at his victim who has fallen near the Castries Market.

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But the victim manages to rise to his feet.

And he grabs a nearby white plastic chair to shield himself from the cutlass blows the attacker aims at him.

The attacker seemed to be oblivious to the fact that the attack was taking place in full view of several eyewitnesses.

But he was focussed on inflicting injury.

He proceeds to continue hacking away at his fleeing target who falls again.

The attacker with the cutlass and one of the other men who chased the victim then trot away in the direction of the Castries Car park exit.

At that point, the 58 second video ends.

Police say they responded to the incident and helped the victim to get medical attention.

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