Thursday, August 18, 2022

Police Probe Fatal Shooting At Corinth

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Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a man at Corinth, Gros Islet, Friday.

Law enforcement officials told St Lucia Times that the shooting occurred near the Riverstone area.

The deceased’s identity has not yet been determined, but the police disclosed that he is believed to have been a resident of Bruceville, Vieux Fort.

There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. The people that set him up could of well been from Vieux Fort to, since the police on watch down south, some gangs trying different methods like social media to get their enemies.

  2. Sometimes you happen to pick trouble with the wrong set of people and Infront of some they are all godly and innocent. Many times I was mistaken for someone else. One time a situation occurred once with me back in 2016 where a guy came in a shop and give me a hit between my shoulder and neck. He said tell your brother I looking for him I took it for a joke then he give me an elbow just under my arm I swiftly notice this was getting too serious very quickly. I have no brother and as he was about to make another attempt I reacted with some swift blows. The ambulance took him where he was admitted for 4 days. CID confirmed it was a mistake in indentity. Now imagine if I had like a knife or gun?

  3. that happened right by my home…i was told the sale was a bluff……people do not buy anything online or watever source from people you do not know…ask ur friends or face the store…..this is sad sad….

  4. dont do no further investigation. who knows he may have been one of those causing terror in vieux fort and he came to live in corinth. dont forget people say these guys/thieves leaving their area and coming and do crimes in other areas. he just may be one of them

    • You’ll people are f****** heartless…
      How can you say that kind of statement…..
      Richard was a great and loving dad…
      Richard was not the kind to leave in trouble…

    • Ma Malay….c’mon…retract that shate you post there! Unless you have all the facts and evidence you should refrain from posting such bull.

    • So because the article stated that he’s from Bruceville means that he deserves to die in such a way. I just dont understand why some people just cant refrain from typing when they have nothing to say……utter ignorance

    • Do you know the story behind his death? He came to Corinth to purchase a vehicle from a resident, when he was held up at gunpoint, robbed and killed. Good place for the police to start the investigation. Who was he purchasing the vehicle from? Could have well been a setup. So fools like you should refrain from commenting until all the facts are known.

    • Do you even know they guy? How you know he is a thief? He did not come to live in corinth. He came to buy something up north.


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