Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Police Probe Fatal Shooting At Sarrot

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Police have launched an investigation into the death of a Sarrot resident, whom officers allege attacked them Wednesday with a cutlass and was fatally shot as a result.

The deceased was identified as Nick Rosemond, who is said to be mentally challenged.

According to community residents, the police were summoned  to assist in taking  Rosemond to the Mental Wellness Centre after he attacked an individual with a cutlass and left the scene.

They said that when the police arrived, they went to look for him.

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“When I heard the shots on arrival at my house, I just saw four shells so that means – maybe, I don’t know how much shots he take but I carried him to the ambulance and then I saw the shot on his chest, so maybe he die on the spot,” one resident, whose identity was concealed, told MBC Prime.

Relatives of the deceased now want answers and have raised questions regarding why deadly force was used.

A statement issued by the police said the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting are currently being investigated by a separate police unit.

Headline photo: Nick Rosemond



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