Police Probe Fatal Shooting In Monchy

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Police have launched an investigation into a fatal shooting Sunday night in Monchy, Gros Islet.

Officers reported that they received a shooting report around 10.00 pm and found that an individual, identified as Kevin Mc Phee had sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded 43 homicides.

There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. We’re a small country with less than 200,000 people. Forty three murders is unacceptable. If the citizens don’t feel safe, how can you encourage tourists to visit? It’s like people are just moving about as if there’s no issue. This is really bad! We have become the murder capital of the Eastern Caribbean and there’s no sense of urgency in resolving this. All of our institutions are failing. For a start we need to review our education system because clearly something is amiss. We can’t have meaningful progress if the citizens don’t have a sense of security.

    • @Onlooker. Precisely, my sentiments. There is simply no urgency about anything except rebutting to political allegations. Those clowns have not factored that crime is impacting government costs for health services. It also affects quality of life. Additionally, costs of goods and services are affected, since an added layer is imposed before it gets to the consumer.

      You would have thought that one of the past governments would have taken drastic measures to end the scourge. Instead, our last two security ministers were inept individuals. Totally worthless actors. At this point it’s safe to conclude that the public has become desensitized. You can’t get a rise from them. Its all par for the course. There is a tiny light down the tunnel. After one year, a gun law is working its way through parliament. Someday when I grow up it will be enacted. Stupid characters.

  2. A mother losing two (2) children to violence cannot be easy. My heart goes out to this lady.
    Let’s ⛔ the violence NOW!!

  3. So heartbreaking to see a mother losing both her sons by the gun😔💔 My fellow St Lucian’s put down the guns we can deal with problems better than that… Justice & Equality for each and every human being please St Lucia

  4. To all St lucian’s, I have been to your beautiful island. I live in a city of over 1 million people, downtown alone. We have had 5 homicieds to date, you guys do the math,43? Please take back your beautiful island, from these bad people. Do what ever it takes. It’s your home.

  5. The Investigation will Continue .Year Before the Decease Mother elder Son was Fatally Shot in his white Swift at Pigeon point .That was the Mothers Favourite Son the Bank .Now is the younger Son.The Sister and Brother Homicide Monchy .I wonder who Killed them over Sweet Boy’s Land

  6. At this rate St. Lucia will record over 70 murders for 2022 by Dec 31st, 2022.

    It is pretty clear that this government has no answers to contain this level of murders or to revive the economy, or revive the tourism industry or curb runaway inflation.
    Over 1 year into this administration all we have is a papyshow parliament in which there is only continous electioneering and campaigning with a little bit of racism thrown in to spice things up!
    Lucians cannot look to one thing from the SLP that indicates a grasp of the magnitude of the problem facing us today in this economic climate.
    Based on supermarket prices , gas prices, bus fare increases and the escalating cost of building materials I am tempted to say that inflation probably runs closer to 20% than 15% annually.
    In other words what used to buy you $100 last year can only get you $80 today – that is a massive blow that MUST be pushing many into poverty.

    Where are the Workers Unions in all of this? They should be clamouring for pay increases to deal with this calamity. I am waiting to hear from them.
    Also why are the supermarkets being allowed all this price gouging?

  7. Forty three homicides for one year in a tiny nation is unacceptable. A comprehensive crime plan should have been in place to mitigate against this worrying trend.

    To fight this scourge, all hands must be on deck. The government, private sector, clergy, civil society, every citizen should contribute towards the effort of bringing down these homicides to acceptable levels.

    • If the commissioner and the head of police are saying differently what do you expect ie one said they need assistance and the other one said they don’t need 😳😳😡😡


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