Police Probe Fatal Stabbing At Marigot

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Police are investigating a fatal stabbing at Fond Mange, Marigot, on Thursday night.

Investigators have identified the deceased as Asher St. Rose.

According to a police press statement, around 11:00 pm, officers from the Marigot police station received the stabbing report.

The statement said St. Rose was conveyed by private means to the OKEU Hospital after sustaining a stab wound during an altercation and later succumbed.

Suzanna Harper
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Suzanna Harper, the deceased’s mother, told reporters St. Rose, who would have turned 24 in November,Β  was preparing to take up a sailing job.

The distraught Harper described her son as a fine young man who was not a trouble-maker.


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  1. πŸ’”It is heart breaking for any mother’s to lose a son in a fraction of time to die young….
    “Cursed is the man who kills his neighbor secretly”.
    “Cursed is the man who accepts a bribe to kill an innocent person”.
    “Cursed is the man who does not uphold the words of this law by carrying them out”.
    Then all the people shall say,
    “Amen !”
    Adam and Eve brought death which means sin into the world, which produce sorrow and brings death !!
    Murderer or murder :
    The devil 🐍 is responsible for death, because,he was and now is murderer and a liar from the begining and does not acknowledge the truth, according to the word of GOD and cannot stand the light (Jesus), which is too powerful, which the light shines in the darkness…

    The truth is only found in the word of GOD : After the fall of man 🐍 satan, GOD send his Son Jesus Christ into the world,so that no one should be blamed.
    But many false dictature and deceivers who does not acknowledge the truth which leads others astray by serving gods that cannot save that are not GOD.
    Salvation means Save and Heal.
    The word of GOD :
    Protection : “Don’t touch my onointed ones”.

  2. Ant, I wish you will go back to school and learn your history. On your way to the school stop by the church and ask God to forgive you for spewing out lies like your boss Allen.
    Stop telling lies, bad example to our children. Corrupt uwp

    • The party is not the problem it is the individuals who are in the party and who are also using the party as a safe heaven. Practically St. Lucian have so morals and so it manifest its way into the hagiarchy where it is riddle with corruption. I firmly believed that if a pig or a cow becomes the leader for either party St. lucia will proudly vote for them. It is a typical example of how the political equation has mold St. Lucia. All the offspring’s gain entry into the political clout, the new comers are the one who support either party regardless if they kill right before your eyes. So yesterday results, today’s and tomorrow mean nothing. Questionable characters seek these arenas to safe guard their future because when one goes another replace them that means when one party out another took over. They either bring worst or continue the same shit. There are an underlying facts that live amongst us, that is rapist and pedos who get deported back home here, seek political clouts so they can continue their nasty habits. So the trend will always continue.

  3. What’s so precious about having a visa from the biggest terrorist nation on the planet. America soon burn for all the atrocities it has committed in the guise of freedom and equality.

  4. Where do I begin? I am totally lost for words…the anger and frustration that everyday seems to be another murder or some ill fated incident. And yet the authorities are clueless, hopeless, careless and brainless as to what to do. I have proposed a way forward in past comments on this forum. If the authorities give a rat’s tail about the citizenry they atleast should consider some of these proposals because at the moment they ain’t doing s**t. I want to hear what excuses the authorities will come up with this time. I await the upsurdity.

  5. HN SO TRUE…ITS TIME WE TAKE OUR VOICES TO THE STREETS FOR A MONTH…im serious….we need to show the govt we put them there

  6. Is it not time we realize Lucians do not care! It could be 50 or 100 or 150 deaths -they do not care.
    This is a country molded by 40 years of SLP vulgarity, callousness, viciousness, vindictiveness where ANYTHING GOES.
    This is a country that voted on a number of occasions for an individual who cannot get a US visa and whose sordid past is well known the length and breath of the country. AND daily hundreds of depraved persons come on social media to praise his name while invoke God! What depravity that we accept as normal. Let us call a spade a spade and get real.
    Plus this individual sits in one of the highest position in the Pierre hillair king administration.
    So please stop the crocodile tears. It is what it is and these murders are just the reflection of a SLP dominated society.

  7. I am not sure anyone is really taking the crime problem seriously on the island. This is a matter that has to be dealt with by any government who is in power. Honestly i do not see any effort on the part of this administration to help reduce the crime rate. So i assume they will only react when it starts to knock on their doors or their family members???


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