Police Probe Gros Islet Shooting

A twenty-nine year old male was hospitalised Monday afternoon following a shooting incident at Gros Islet, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

The shooting occurred on Marie Therese Street about 2.30 p.m, the law enforcement officials disclosed.

The victim was identified as Nathan Theodole.

Emergency officials told St Lucia Times that he was transported to hospital via ambulance.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting were unclear.

There are no further details at this time.




  1. How can crime ever stop when most private sector workers are exploited and work for less than one thousand dollars a month we live like second class citizens in the island example Guardsman Security Company is exploiting the work force at the Owen king hospital working 12 hour shifts for 51 dollars a day how can a man live on that and take care of his family

  2. Crime could never stop as most private sector workers are exploited Guardsman 4;25 cents an hour for 12 hours of work

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