Police Probe Hit And Run Incident In Castries

A thirty-nine year old man was transported to Victoria Hospital Sunday afternoon after being struck by a vehicle on Bridge Street, Castries, near the intersection with Micoud Street.

An eyewitness told St Lucia Times that the driver of the vehicle that hit the male pedestrian did not stop.

Police officer speaks with victim after accident

Police officers on the scene summoned an ambulance, but were told that none were available at the time of the incident about 3:20 p.m, it was reported.

One of the eyewitnesses to the incident was able to give the police the registration number of the white car that struck the pedestrian, St Lucia Times was informed.

The victim’s injuries did not appear to be life threatening.












  1. Wow, still no ambulance in these times, . 40 years of independence and we still backwards in everything. No CCTV cameras functioning in city, nothing. Its sad.

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      • Why you ppl don’t shut ur a**. You really think that there will always be an ambulance waiting for an emergency, so other ppl don’t have emergency too. Some of u really need to keep ur comments to urself and shut the f*** up, u bunch of fools.

  3. Driver people have family. Trust me the man is not a homeless man or an animal. That’s all I saying. Just wait for what coming for you.

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