Police Probe Jacmel Homicide

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Police have opened a homicide investigation after the discovery of a man’s body on the road at Jacmel.

According to reports, the body had apparent gunshot wounds.

Sources told St Lucia Times that someone discovered the deceased after midnight on Sunday and summoned the police.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. People are like animals or like dogs now to be found on roadside. Human life has no value to some. What a a cruel world.

  2. @ Get it Right, you are spot on. Our hypocrisy is destroying the very fabric of our delicate society. When one administration is in office, we need to know after every homicide what is the count. We say it’s just August and we have 32 already, then demand the government do something. We blame them for the murder rate, but when the other is there people like CROW sing a different tune. We can’t blame the government. Mr Pierre never leave his bed to shoot people. No government can solve crime. I’m wondering what the homicide count is as of this new one. The last figure we had at the end of June early July was 38. Please tell us cause when the gun laws start taking effect and the rate drops, the government will have all their molars out smiling and Crow would say the government was responsible for the curbing the crime rate.

  3. yes they have part to play because when you lead a nation and a people before God things should be done right….how can leaders not listen to the cry of the people and do nothing??? but the majority of the people sing and dance to their chicken and rum tune for the one finger print….yet many of us suffer and do not know where the next meal is coming from….they tax us heavily, prices go up, salaries stay the same, we echo our voices and nothing is being done….all while the people continue to live ungodly..it’s time we turn back to God and do what is right…time and time again we hear it….we need to act upon it….i always say many people do not believe in God who created them but have their children sit in school everyday and listen to fairytale Cinderella riding hood fantasies…..how can many of us look and sound educated in many things we come on talk shows and in the streets to talk about to flash to the ordinary man and accept these fantasies??? such fools we are!!! do right and live right…..soon the end shall come…God is beyond our wisdom…

  4. Can we please stop blaming politicians for the conscious voluntary criminal acts of sane people. Please stop trying to defend fully oriented criminal by blaming the government or politicians. Remember every man have to answer independently before God. Final.

    • What do you expect to happen when one is being led by criminal. I am not accusing, the records are clear. One of them has been accused even by their own member of parliament.

    • @Smart made simple, you think you too damn smart. So the politicians can take credit for the good thoings but no blame for the bad? If crime was decreasing you would hear them all over the media saying how wonderful a job they are doing managing crime. It is hypocrites like you that have the country where it is. When one party is in power we ask what is the government doing about crime, When another party take over we claim that therer is nothing politicians can do about crime. Well, regardless of party, it is government’s responsibility to put measures in place to effectively manage crime.

  5. you dont lie uh you dont see the ex one from vieux fort his wife is part of a witch cult and every year these people coming down to have their witch conference at expensive hotels. JuKe bois had already say it but no one want to listen

  6. Where are the RSS Officers!!!! PJP said that their presence would help solve the problem. They are here from what he said, but the killings have continued. So this clearly shows that a looooooot more is needed to be done to make Saint Lucia safe again. It’s now obvious that law enforcement efforts alone will not stop the blood letting.

  7. What is going on with our people in St. Lucia?Awa this is to much every day St. Lucia has a drama people has become very inhumane the country needs prayers and more light..A dark cloud is over the country please people change your mindset..I will say I don’t care who is upset that is my opinion the pjp administration has bring a curse on the island sad sad a bunch of demonic people leading our country..The world is watching us our people read and educate ourselves stop letting politicians brainwashed us


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