Police Probe Report Of Assault On Burglar In Marchand

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Saint Lucia police are investigating a report that a man who broke into a building at Marchand, Castries, got a severe beating from the owner on Friday morning.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) said it responded to a report of a physical assault in Marchand about 7:20 am and found a man who appeared to be in his thirties with serious injuries.

There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. If anyone was following the Kyle Rittenhouse (I think that is how his name is spelled) story in the states, you would know what happened because the jury felt he was executing justice on a group of supposedly unruly people. He basically took a rifle, went out and opened fire on a group of black protesters against police brutality. The jury generally felt he was performing a noble act for society, so he was acquitted on all charges. Crazy. I hope this man is acquitted for performing the noble act of defending himself, his family and property.

  2. The Good Book says the thief comes to steal, kill and to destroy and if he is caught, he must pay back seven folds. There must be punishment for theft. The authorities are not doing what they should be doing, so people are taking matters into their own hands.

  3. What a heart-warming story, SLT! Let’s look at the positive side. At least the crook got injured while doing something he absolutely loved.

  4. I notice SLT didn’t post about the officer that handcuffed the man to a pole for 16 hours because he was caught stealing in Castries however alot your’ll been asking for police to make an example of the criminals so i guess there it is… This case here is different were the owner beat the guy to a pulp, could it of been handlef better? Maybe. It was the owner choice to beat him to critical condition which now he could be charged and might have to pay the victim medical bills

  5. There absolutely nothing wrong here. Some creep tried to ripoff somebody, but instead got a “first-class A$$ kicking”. By all accounts I’d say good job owner!

  6. It is called NO TRESPASSING – what are you doing in someone else establishment in the first place. Get yourself a real job and stop stealing – perhaps you have learned from this. And please – advise the family against stating that he is a “good boy” bayteeze

  7. This is so worrisome. When these theives break into your home they are prepared to harm or kill you. As long as they leave your property, you can see them and identify them you out of luck. Police never have enough evidence. You defend your life and property, you become the criminal. Lord have mercy. Our laws need to be straight forward. They have us reciting pledge to defend country with vigor and valour but we cannot defend our life and property. Where is the justification in this

  8. you know these laws are really disgusting, they put these laws to protect people but some of these laws turns around and bite you in your behind. Imagine you working for your own things and someone break and enter your place and steal your stuff and you caught them and you burst their tail and the justice system sucks that most time these thieves just getting a slap on the wrist or nothing happens but you now getting in trouble because you beat the person. if you get a thief in your house take pictures for evidence and burst his tail and let him go cause if you call the police and they come to arrest him and they see you beat him or her you going to be in trouble

  9. What a world we live in- I hope he police is “just checking” to see if both sides have credibility is what they say–so if he is/ was a burglar, the law should 1) issue a restraining order on the burglar after being sentenced to 6months – 1 year hard labour! 2) reveal his identity to the general public !!!!!!! I hate a teef too!

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