Police Probe Report Of Break In At Vieux Fort CIBC Bank

Police are investigating a report of a  break-in at the Vieux Fort branch of CIBC FirstCaribbean, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

Police investigators were on the scene Friday morning and had erected a cordon around the lending institution.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that a report was received that the break-in  is believed to have been taken place Thursday night when persons unknown smashed glass to access the area where the ATM machine is.

There are no further details at this time.


  1. Time to put up the barrier FCIB. Too many vehicles just parking in there. You want to make money, here’s the chance. Pay to get in to park, pay to get out. If you are a customer, your card should let you in and out freely…

  2. Crime will never stop, as most men earn 10 hundred dollars a month as security guards how can a man provide for his family when the system exploit you with that low wage rate rent, utility bills, courts with 45 percent interest rate books for your children, food, drinks, insurance do the maths even if women have jobs the money they earn is not enough to live so they still have to sell their bodies crime will never stop as the government need to implement a minimum wage rate for private sector workers

    • Well, I’d like to say “10 hundred dollars a month” is a lot of money. So, what was your point other than to support the criminal act by stating your list of things. These things will be there regardless of who is governing.
      Please let me know which security firm pays that much. I need them to employ me. You’d be making a better contribution then the reasoning in your post.

  3. having a 9-5 ,8-4, 3-11, 11-7 Will never get you rich no way not at all. but stealing even worst the money is not bless only more curse follows. get rich or die trying.


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