Police Probe Report Of Vieux Fort Shooting

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has confirmed investigating a Vieux Fort shooting report received after noon Monday.

Law enforcement officials told St Lucia Times that details were sketchy but initial reports indicated that a man sustained gunshot wounds.

There are no further details at this time.

The latest shooting came as police appealed for information amid a probe into a fatal Vieux Fort shooting Saturday night.

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21-year-old Jesus Blanchard of West Hall Group, Shine Drive, Vieux Fort, succumbed to gunshot wounds after an ambulance transported him to St Jude Hospital.

The police said they had received a report of a shooting at the intersection of Hospital and Jesse Streets Saturday around 11:35 pm.

And law enforcement officials encouraged anyone with information regarding the Vieux Fort incident on Saturday to contact the Vieux Fort Police Station at 456-3905, 456-3926, or 285-2146, or the Crime Hotline at 45CRIME for anonymous reporting.

Headline photo: Stock image of armed officer taking part in police operation.

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  1. Good Morning!

    I would like your help with getting a matter sorted out. You recently posted an article regarding the Vieux-Fort shooting and someone is posting using my handle Pastor Gwen. I am Pastor Gwen and the comment made regarding this young man was not made by me or is reflective of my feelings about the incident. I am requesting removal of the comment because of the work I do in the community. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. I am concerned for my safety and it would provide me with peace of mind.

    Thanks and I will await your response.


    Pastor Gwendolyn Tobierre

  2. Stop the political games. The bullet does not differentiate between colors. Stop the ignorance for once. Bullets can ricochet and hit unintended targets of which everyone is a potential target . This is no shit going on there.

  3. I’ll say lock both families up see who will take jail for their kids . Because fir all you know these lads was probably the bred winners at a certain level and no one will talk. Some family members are well aware of situation like this and we’ll never try to correct it and when it is blown out if proportion the expecting the foolice to dispense justice

  4. The fish starts rotting from the head. you lucians who voted in this criminal cabal without a care should hang your heads in shame. the people get the government they deserve. there is more crime barely halfway through the year than previously. the criminals are emboldened. they in charge and everyone must bow. lucians you made corruption, now you gotta live with it.

  5. i love ghetto vigilante justice! why kill such an innocent, kind hearted young man? sorry SSU, let the ghetto sort this one out. JUSTICE FOR JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Where is the outrage from KDA with what’s happening in Vieux Fort. It’s time for these drug lords in Vieux Fort to be brought to Justice. But wait! Will that ever happen when he is being represented by whom? Find out which law firm represents “the hand of plantain”. Find out which law firm has been trying to have monies seized from him by the police and in the possession of the Customs department, returned. It’s all a game where money is their only concern, Where the corrupt is being looked out for and protected by the corrupt in authority. What a sad state of affairs in this country. From a destroyed police force to corrupt and inept governments. It looks like we are doomed.

  7. The police is working with the bad boys how can the crimes be stop. People are afraid to speak cause of the dirty cops

  8. There will be no peace remember the famous KDA..Now the police officers and ssu have work to do find the killer or killers and leave the protesters alone

  9. I love ghetto vigilante justice! Why kill such an innocent , kind hearted young man?! Sorry SSU, let the ghetto sort this one out. JUSTICE FOR JESUS !

  10. The words of Dr Kenny Anthony there will be no peace in vieux Fort..Do the people of st lucia which is not political blind forgot?Right now the police officers and ssu has enough work to do..Go and look for the killer or killers..And stop harassing the citizens of st lucia that was protesting by st jude..Stop the hprocrisy so that our country st lucia can move on


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