Thursday, September 29, 2022

Police Probe Shooting At Massy Waterfront Supermarket

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Police say they are investigating a shooting incident at Massy Waterfront Supermarket in Castries Thursday, in which a man sustained gunshot wounds.

According to reports, the shooting followed a confrontation between a security officer and the victim.

Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) Headquarters in Castries said they responded about 6:45 pm to a shooting report inside the supermarket and found that the victim had sustained gunshot wounds to the right arm and lower back.

The responders told St Lucia Times that he was conscious when they transported him to the OKEU Hospital.

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There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Without being bias, and assess the state of affairs in SLU, taking everything into consideration and without any concrete evidence, guess on the odds of whom might be guilty, even though it may not necessarily be so.

  2. I have very little knowledge about crime prevention, and has it got that bad in St. Lucia that a Security Guard at a Super Market to be armed with a Gun rather than a Baton or a club? I think, if a robber, knows the guard is armed, he too would be armed. Violence breeds violence; gone are the days when I went to ‘Elwin’ or ‘J.Q.’ or ‘M&C’ not expecting gun fire. This has been a most horrible year; as the Queen would say, ‘Annus Horibilis’. …..God help us.

  3. How do you know he was stealing a phone? St Lucians just love hearsay…rumour mongering is too prevalent Wait for the result of the investigations

  4. Lucian’s seem to always condone wrong and unethical behavior. “Excuses are tools of incompetence” they build bridges to no where very fast.

    Lucians often say “things are hard in St. Lucia ..AA” …Lucians you all need a REAL revelation. There is NO WHERE on planet earth where things are easy….absolutely no where.

    In some countries people travel 1 hour and more each way to go to work. Most of you would complain about that and never do it…some of you complain about 15 minute travel time. Most of you believe the job should come to you instead of you going to the job..mweee meem

    On the contrary, things are better in St. Lucia than several other countries. Please stop complaining, stop begging and get a real job and a life. Stop you all witchcraft, envy and jealousy ..stop paying obeah men and women and pay your bills. By the sweat of your brow you shall eat bread.

    • And take those same people complaining here. Drop them in those countries. Yet they magically start to work hard and comply. They follow all the rules, even those the locals don’t know of and they behave themselves. What does that say? St. Lucia is cesspool of illegality and disorder.

  5. In all the comments I’m reading there,no one found it fitting to condem what the person who got shot did. Was it super fine for him to try and steal the phone and wrestle the guard in an attempt to take the firearm. Had he been successful,by now the guard would have been dead and another illegal firearm on the street. Before we bash people with our negativity,we need to find out the facts surrounding any situation.

  6. was the security guard shot ? or was he the one shot the individual cuz I’ve gone to massey and see them guards have firearms is just walkee talkee and night sticks …

  7. @John public you may say all, you want the wording is still wrong. A victim is someone who is injured as a result of a crime or accident. As in “accident victim” or someone who is robbed ” theft victim, they are the ones harmed as a result of. If someone is an aggressor, how can they be a victim? I would be wrong for assuming that this individual is an aggressor without evidence. Hence the reason why without a full investigation one should not assume!!!

  8. These Security Companies don’t pay the Security Guards the Prescribed Rate per Hour .i amsure there’s no Insurance Covering the Security guards nor an Attorney Representing the Company

  9. How many police bicycles were deployed? of course we cannot be on the spot for every crime but then again how much money we spending in this regard? Once have a gun bullet must fire!

  10. Working as a security officer is a dirty job that takes you nowhere in life the government has done nothing to ensure that a guard is paid 12 dollars an hour.. The guards are losing sleep working 12 to 16 hour shifts for 3 dollars an hour without a day off some work 10 years without vacation the guards face looking worn-out because lack of sleep the woman guards sleeping with the boss just for a job. We are living in a dog eat dog world

  11.’s called the shooting victim,as in the one who got injured by gunshots whether or not he was in right or wrong…injured party,casualty……that security guard better have a firearm 24/7 and make sure he doesn’t have to turn it in on knocking off duty and he better pray is not a Conway man he shot deh.

  12. This report is missing information, and to my opinion misleading. To call someone a victim when the investigation has not been completed is distasteful. The word victim, suggestions that the person was innocent, and without fault. St Lucia Times you should touch up on your investigative Journalism. Wait for an official police report before putting information out there that might possibly place the mentioned security guard at risk of public backlash.

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