Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Police probe triple homicide in Vieux Fort

A triple homicide at Bruceville, Vieux Fort, is currently under investigation by the police.

According to law enforcement sources, the incident occurred at around 1:00 am Saturday morning.

St Lucia Times has learned that gunmen, identifying themselves as police officers, demanded that the occupants of a wooden house a short distance away from the sea open the door to the dwelling.

It is reported that the men then proceeded to kick down the door and opened fire on the occupants, killing three males in the process while a female was not harmed.

One of the deceased males was found under a bed, apparently having been shot as he attempted to conceal himself.

Police are attempting to determine the identity of the deceased.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, a police patrol was in the area at the time that the triple homicide occurred and quickly responded, but the shooters managed to escape, using the bushes surrounding the house as cover.



  1. OH lord Jesus Christ What is this…..Why Why Why..hope they get caught and killed in the same manner…it seems to me the killers in St lucia are smarter the the police..or the police just dont care..those thugsare getting away with their crimes..Oh. Lord arise arise arise Lord Lord.We need you every day ..every..hour ..every min..every second Lord whome do we have but you the judge’s have a role to play in that too cause when the killers come before them .they send them away for (6) month’s.

    • Why ? So the opposing party can write America to get involved again? Or for Mary Francis to come talk about the criminals have rights?

    • When the police doing their job the opposition use it against them. We need to separate the police force from politics so the can do their job. The police are there to keep our Country safe, but those ediots refuse to let them, we need to vacume politics from certain things in other for our Country to move forward. Those politician their greed will destroy our country… That is what we need to fight against not one another. We keep saying pray for the Country, but those who are saying it do they really pray?

    • Except the crime was committed in someone’s home. Not the streets. We don’t need more killing.

    • The police is doing their best with so much little. Yes more can be done by them. More can always be done. And the policy makers need to at least make a statement if nothing else. There is just this uncomfortable silence when it comes to the government. And the opposition is part and parcel of the problem. The chick did not hatch the same day the egg was laid. So the crime problem did not just start under this new administration. It has been festering under successive administration. But the entity that did the biggest injustice to crime fighting in recent years was Labour Party when in opposition in the era of Restore Confidence. And let us not forget the court system. Even when the police do the job right the judge and magistrates will hand down some shockingly lenient sentences if not straight out dismissals, even when the evidence is so overwhelmingly strong. No one fix. It must be a very comprehensive approach.

  2. St Lucian keep praying for your children so that they can repent and turn to God Almighty for deliverance from evil. May God Almighty have mercy on the people of St Lucia and let the government find out why so many people are being murdered.

  3. When police do their job people ready to kill them and now they complaining. They right. Let bad boys kill bad boys.

    • Agree, or let Mary Francis address the crime situation
      let her speak to the criminals and beg them to put an end to this
      crime surge in the same way she would stand up for them talking
      about human rights

  4. This is indeed a sad, and almost unbelievable circumstance. . We have to be careful. When these thugs begin to get so creative, as to impersonate police in trying to gain entry & proceed further to kill three occupants, there is néed for worry of a repeat.. How heartless must you be to do this? God bless us all…. God bless the police, who are tasked to take these demons on head to head….

  5. An alarming 47 murders and almost all unsolved. So sad now criminals are pretending to be police too. Hope this one gets solved since police was fresh on seen and an eye witness was left behind. God help us all?

    • This stTement about the detection rate for the murdrrs is a lie. If u do t know don’t comment. Chhooops.

  6. Stupid, if they were poluce officers why would they run from the other police officers. Police protect their own. Go learn something and stop commenting under here. You sound like Donald Trump supporters

  7. Police that kill them you were there ? They should make you pay for your tongue, and sue your butt.

    • Exactly . Was the person there ? Stop accusing and let the police do their jobs as men and women of the law if the gov was putting in more work and effort into providing more useful technology so investigators can bring those loosers butt to justice our citizens would never accuse and call our police officers dogs ? and other offensive names .

  8. so now everyone is sad they did the wrong rip jupin power power brother brother the reaper is here for you all hide in your your sister house an you will still get caught tick tock rip jupin

  9. Lord guide and protect these children of the ? ??? ,that just killing each other.
    Father cover us all under ur percious blood of Jesus and let the gun lock when it abt to kill someone.
    Let the gun man or men think and walk away from they Target
    Jesus’lord strengthen us all and bless mother Helen and their families.

    So sad help the police men and the ppl to take bck our lovely country from the thug’s.

  10. It’s a matter of urgency! Something needs to be done to have those criminals to think again.

    • There are too many gangs on the Island. Every where you walk, be it the CDC area
      or on the street there are always group of five six guys, loitering around. who knows
      they might just be planning their next move. I think too many ghettos are now raising their ugly heads especially in the City. Mr Mayor this is one for you ” let us all make St. Lucia safe again”

  11. If the POLICE was nearby yet could not find the so called shooters …. is it not amazing? Wonder who could move so fast? And did not the persons who kicked the door down identify themselves as police?

  12. U live by the drugs and guns … u gonna die by the guns ….. nothing don’t last forever , especially if it’s not right……Repent !

  13. You see, instead Chico go and solve these crimes he there on the media asking the mayor to retract true statements.47 + unsolved murders.them police just collecting tax payers monies for nada.

  14. Police cannot end crime, criminals themselves are threatening to kill police ! Only the most high can stop crime and when it’s time he will !

  15. Uhmmm….. So people blaming the police instead of the criminals? I am just wondering how these “police” identified themselves? Eyewitness, did the “police” who shot had masks? Will you be able to identify them if you were to see them again? Or would you yell the police who will really identify themselves to you, “that it happened so fast”.you didn’t see anything? ” Anyways, it’s time for the government to invest heavily on forensic. A lot of these eye witnesses are just liars. Lot kotey

  16. Everything is Police Police I don’t see yall matching against the impacts…to charge Police officers involved in the ORC…but now yall want Police to take steps dealing with criminals or doing the dirty work to keep this country clean from these parasites…adon’t then what….one thing I now the majority of police officers are armed or an defend themselves…us to fraid

  17. We need to pray and stop the analogy that crime is everywhere. Indeed it is however; consider the size and population of St. Lucia in comparison to other islands/countries and recognize based on these factors that it’s already too much crime in St. Lucia. In addition, will this not affect tourism in a big way???…think about it. ?????????

  18. The reality of brushing aside crime and lawlessness hoping it will blow away and so the government must learn! No anti crime strategy and preventative measures, no action plan no serious approach, no nothing. Refusing to seriously invest in the capacity for CID officers to be capable of conducting sound and professional criminal investigation. All we hear is police are investigating like a stuck record.

    If government’s intention is to simply provide the police with a few more vehicles then I sorry for Helen. So lawlessness rules and criminals in charge as they exploit a weakened police force and non existent effective anti crime strategies, which is the sorry root of lawlessness in St. Lucia. Hermangild making La Corbs look good.

    So the murder in Vieux Sucre. No word on the results of the post mortem. Sadly the sixth murder in recent times targeting that ‘group’, still unsolved and in the cold case pile.

  19. Truth seeker government not serious about forensics. The white elephant lab just eating tax payers money.

  20. so now you all afraid rip what you saw power France now power plus it the woman alive what now we will all see what happens power

  21. This sounds similar to an incident reported sometime ago in the south where people calling themselves police officers came to do away with a young guy who was saved by his mother. are the st lucian police going rogue again and doing unspeakable harm to those they are supposed to protect? st lucia is a small place, all of you know everybody business, so how comes they dont know the persons claiming to be police officers and if indeed they are police officers, they should be prosecuted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law

    • You right sto lucia is small everybody know everybody but who will talk….but no the police must arrest someone with no evidence..maybe yall should stop n think you can have all the investigation but to make a case u need evidence n witnesses of else ur case is crap….so stop blaming the cops bring the evidence or learn of raise ur kids to learn to respect ppl and have appreciation for life….

  22. What this island need to get these gangs and thugs off the streets is to bring in the defence force to help the police and start rounding up these so call wannabe gangsters . Follow there every move and be their shadow. Parents start taking full responsibility for your children.

  23. But stl is blessed. Oh god is looking over us. He mite be looking over us but what are we doing about it. We know god so much, small island few people so much hate, disappointment,revenge, two face, story tellers and I can go on. I all this, we need to do what we have to do if we have to have st lucia like old st Lucia.
    Remember window shopping, buying ice cream, peanuts ……..walking around town or cooling out on the square etc.
    Bring it back LAW, do what ever it takes.

  24. But stl is blessed. Oh god is looking over us. He mite be looking over us but what are we doing about it. We know god so much, small island few people so much hate, disappointment,revenge, two face, story tellers and I can go on. I all this, we need to do what we have to do if we have to have st lucia like old st Lucia.
    Remember window shopping, buying ice cream, peanuts ……..walking around town or cooling out on the square etc.
    Bring it back LAW, do what ever it takes.

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