Police Recover Bag Stolen From Canadian Visitors – Minus Cash

Saint Lucia police have recovered a bag that was stolen from two Canadian visitors Saturday in Castries.

A law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the bag was discovered minus the cash it contained.

However the official said other items such as credit and debit cards, a driver’s license and a health card were inside.

No details were immediately available in regard to the circumstances that led to the recovery of the stolen item.

But it was disclosed that the bag was found shortly after it was snatched from the Canadian visitors.

The bag belonged to Carol Goss.

She and her husband, David, both in their sixties, were walking in the Sans Souci area when a ‘decently dressed’ young man attacked from behind, grabbed the bag and fled.

Carol sustained some scratches as a result of the incident.

The husband told St Lucia Times that they were visiting this country for the first time and had already spent a week in Soufriere when the robbery took place.

The couple had come down to Castries to spend some time in the City.





  1. Fair point Ryan:-

    However the service should be extended to tourists!

    Kudos to the good citizen who helped cause we all know it was not due to Police investigations.

    This is what makes the difference citizen and Police cooperation

  2. Wonder the couple is still here.
    However it can happen in any country… If you are a frequent traveller you don’t keep all your cards and documents in a bag and walk in a city.
    I never do that when I am walking, particularly not when I am in an another country.

    • Who cares what you do in another country? Who asked you? How do you know it can happen in any country? You’re a victim shamer, low type.

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