Police Recover Guns, Ammunition And Stolen Goods

Saint Lucia police have charged several persons in separate incidents in which illegal firearms, ammunition and stolen goods were recovered.

Superintendent George Nicholas informed a news conference Monday that on Tuesday December 3, Gros Islet police conducted a search at a residence in the Waterworks community and recovered four flat screen televisions.

“We believe that those televisions are the subject of ongoing investigations,” he observed.

He said on Wednesday, December 4, Gros Islet police conducted a search at the residence of Simeon Mitchel of Pavee and recovered a quantity of jewellery, including watches.

He said the officers also seized a mobile telephone and a flat screen television.

Nicholas disclosed that as a result, Mitchel was charged with handling stolen goods.

The senior police officer told reporters that some of the items of  jewellery were identified by the victim of a burglary that was being investigated by law enforcement officers.

On Friday December 6, Marchand police arrested Rene Christopher for possession of a 9 mm Taurus pistol with 3 rounds of live ammunition and charged him for the offences of illegal possession of the weapon and the ammunition, it was disclosed.

Nicholas told the news conference that on Saturday December 7, officers from the major crime department conducted a search at a premises in Dennery.

He said two persons, Joshua Smith and Charmichael Felix, were in the building at the time.

Nicholas revealed that during the search one 9 mm Taurus pistol with 14 rounds of ammunition were recovered.

He told reporters that both Smith and Felix were arrested and charged for possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

Smith was wanted by the Vieux Fort police for  a homicide which occurred on the 25th of January this year in Vieux Fort and also for an attempted homicide which occurred on the 24th of December.


  1. As a citizen of saint lucia i believe that the magistrates and judges are too easy on persons found with illegal firearms. 95% of the murders for the year are through gun violence and yet still the criminals receive bail for firearm offences. I believe the magistrates have to step up and save our country from these criminals who continue to return before the courts for the same gun offences. Shame on the court system. Continues to fail the country saint lucia. Some of you magistrates are not from st lucia thats the reason why to make us look bad. Step up and tighten the belt on the gun offences.

  2. The Magestrates Refuse to impose the Maximum penalty on these Thugs for posession of Firearm and Ammunition .The police working very hard to get these guns off the Streets

    • I’m sure that will change if the criminals turn their attention to the rich and entitled. Nonetheless keep the good news coming RSLPF.

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