Police Recover Illegal Gun, Ammunition In Vieux Fort

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About 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 7, 2022, during an operation lead by officers attached to the Special Services Unit, supported by members of the Special Patrol Group of the Southern Division, a firearm and ammunition were recovered, along a footpath off Clarke Street, Vieux Fort.

The officers were conducting a joint foot and mobile patrol of the area when the discovery of the concealed weapon was made. Along with the .45 cal Ruger pistol, one magazine containing eight (8) 45 rounds of ammunition was recovered.

No one was arrested for possession of the recovered items, however an investigation is ongoing.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force continues to deploy resources to the south of the island in an effort to provide increased security for individuals residing and frequenting the division.

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The above mentioned targeted patrol is a part of a multifaceted plan to realize a reduction violent crimes committed in the south of the island.

We continue to urge persons to contact the nearest police station to provide any information related to the commission or preparation to commit a crime.

Anonymous reporting can be done via the Crime Hotline at “CRIME.

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. Hey hey!!! Ho ho!!! The lay-bar party has got to go hey hey ho ho! Ken knee and toni has got to go hey hey ho ho pip pip and hill- air knee pour allez ee ja lair!! Hey hey ho ho!!! Dem lucian yutes blazing guns like no tomorrow hey hey ho ho lay-bar party has got to go!!!!!!!! HEY HEY HO HO!!!

  2. I have always say to Cordon off these Crime infested areas and Execute Search Warrants in every Structure Located at that all these Ghettos in Vieux .Fort..No one allowed to leave their Premises.Too many Guns in the of Thugs in St.Lucia .and its time the Laws for Unlicensed firearms and ammunition be Upgraded in the House of Asssmbly

  3. that is it officers dont give them a break, be on them like tick on a dog as soon as they open their eyes is kaki suit they have to see. they have to see you so much even when they sleeping they dreaming of police running behind them. Dont give those dirty low life good for nothing germs a chance. All these young fellas want to do is live fast life have mizi gold chain and ride bike and scoter whole day . No ambition but a set of parasites and leaches.

      • umm read my comment again please, before you reply. Alot of you just quick to reply to people comment like as if the comments is for yourself like someone cant speak in “general” and it has to be directly dedicated to the article.

  4. I don’t buy that one, a gun was found by the side of the road, or someone told the police he hid a gun go and get it.
    Is it true the police in VF have close links with Banan and Larry.
    Is there a police corporal residing close to Larry ?

  5. Its just a typical something, no one will ever talk or no one will never know who had or did such so this is already a cold case scenario. I firmly believe that there were some tip off or information relay to someone within the force who perpetrate as if lets go do a street search hence the found item. An intelligent police would have, once observed the item, would have informed his peers that such and such was seen there and do a low profile stake out to see who would have go there to uplift the device, hence catching someone or have someone accountable who may very well decapitate info which they can further investigate. FP is likely impossible, ballistic test may yield some correspondence but the culprit is still at large. awa for or stone age CID foolice.


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