Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Police report decrease in sexual offences

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Amidst national concern and outrage over a spate of alleged rapes, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has reported a decrease in reports of sexual offences for the first quarter of this year.

Superintendent George Nicholas of the Crime Management Unit told a news conference this morning that the drop in reports of sexual offences was part of an overall sixteen percent decrease in crime.

Nicholas disclosed that between the period January to March last year, 5,200 reports of crime were recorded, compared to 4,344 for the same period this year.

He announced that the detection rate this year was the same as last year – fifty four percent.

Nicholas said he was aware that there is a hue and cry about sexual offences, their regularity and the close proximity of the occurrences.

But Nicholas told today’s news conference that there were a total of fifty-four reports of sexual offences of which thirty-four were detected, compared to eighty last year with forty-three being detected.

“Last year we had a detection rate of fifty-four percent while this year we have a detection rate of sixty-three percent,” he asserted.

Nicholas said of the fifty-four reports of sexual offences, twenty-two were rapes – including the two recent ones in the Derek Walcott Square.

He revealed that there were three rape cases in the South, all of which were solved and nineteen in the North of the island, seven of which were solved.

“Most of the others we have collected samples that are waiting to be analyzed so that we can move forward on these matters,” Nicholas stated.

He explained that there was a decrease in firearm offenses, with twenty-one cases this year, twelve of which have been solved.

Nicholas said that last year for the same period there were thirty-one cases with seventeen solved.

According to the Police statistics, offenses against property also saw a decrease with 1,166 being reported this year so far with 375 solved.

Last year there were 1,269 cases with 430 being solved, it was disclosed.



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