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Updated on June 6, 2020 8:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 8:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 8:30 am

Police Respond To Report Of Gunshots At Cap Estate Party

Saint Lucia police are investigating a report that gunshots were fired during the wee hours of Saturday morning during a party in Cap Estate.

According to law enforcement sources, no one was injured.

The incident is said to have occurred about 4.30 am.

Gunmen are reported to have stormed the gathering in pursuit of a male individual who was present.

But eyewitnesses disclosed that he managed to flee unhurt when the shooting started.

Police who were summoned to the scene recovered several spent shells.

Investigations into the incident are ongoing.



  1. Nice to hear gunmen going to cap estate to look for a thug like them. Tired of dem tings happenig in Bruceville or wiltons yard ….. js

  2. Can we come together, and have a good time without acting like animals. Do we always have to be guarded by law enforcement with guns? Go enjoy a gathering in peace, and go home peacefully. Is that too hard?

  3. The Northern Supremacists believe they are exempt from the crime and violence. The transition is only now beginning

    • You’re an idiot. Your comment and your thinking is what makes them superior to YOU. Nothing and no one else. How about working towards more peace instead of more stupidity

  4. The Police Should have Set up a Team at the entrance to pigeon Island .I am positive these Guys would have been arrested.

    • Pershing’s castle across from cottenbay the man always renting out his place an people not following noise ordinance, blasting music thou see 4:30 plus he should be held responsible for disturbing entire neighborhood up to China, an Tawain embassy can hear this mans sound system an he making his money so he don’t care !

    • Pushing castle across from cottenbay the man always renting his place out an people blasting music till all hours, he should be held responsible for breaking 2:00 noise ordinance! Smh

  5. Will Cap Estate be referred to a “Ghetto” like other areas where shooting occurs? Or maybe criminals perpetuate their offences wherever is convenient to them

  6. The thought of a team to check at the entrances of a mas croud events is a very good idea but this should be done in a diplomatic way .
    (1) have a team at the first entrance to allow every body to go through
    (2) have the second team close to the event to do ransom checking in a close up space that no one can pass except the entrance and other securities alongside the crowd to make sure no body running away from the entrance. without that we’re not going anywhere to solve crimes. Atell U.

  7. There Should have More than one Police Rider at Specefic points to Cut them off if they try to evade the police .Too much Nonsense happening in St.Lucia .The police Should have moved Tactically to get these fools

  8. All this is taking place in little Lucia? Well when you have no laws for police protection, when these fools are being protected by law, supported by miss Mary and friends!! that makes Lucia an outlaw land§

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