Police Respond To Vieux Fort Gunfire Reports, Appeal For Information

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On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, about 6:57 a.m. police personnel operating within the Southern Division responded to a report of gunfire, in West hall Group in Vieux Fort.

Upon approaching the area, two masked men wielding pistols were seen
running along New Dock Road.

The Officers shouted verbal commands to the two men to stop and put down their weapons. The men disregarded the instructions and fled into the community of Bruceville.

Despite giving chase, the two men were not apprehended. The police subsequently received several reports of damage to homes and other property allegedly resulting
from the gun fire.

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The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is appealing to members of the public with information regarding this incident to contact the nearest police station.

We continue to emphasize the significance of police and community partnerships in achieving a reduction in crime.

As such, anonymous reporting will be facilitated to protect the identity of individuals who cooperate with law enforcement efforts.

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Armed officer takes part in police operation (Stock image)

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Enough, enough, enough already – St. Lucia is a tiny island – the parents know the bandits/thugs the citizens know the bandits/thugs, the police know the bandits/thugs – what more do you need to make an arrest??????. Very soon there will be no safe place in St. Lucia and it’s a crying shame. Your tourism will take a serious hit and your economy will be severely impacting.

    These good for nothings don’t want to work, don’t want to go to school. They simply want to live a good for nothing life by obtaining ill gotten gains for those who go to work.
    Some of it is generational curse maladisyon for engaging in voodoo and obeah and whatever else the malvetaayes engaged in (sowing and reaping).

    There was always poverty in St. Lucia but folk in times past engaged in honest living by while struggling to make ends meet – sewing, cooking, selling legal items etc.
    Most of this generation is going nowhere fast and it’s a crying shame….

  2. They were to stuck up on covid and vaccines and they still saying cases going up what covid uh what covid so now reality check people struggling life hard no jobs I feel sorry for these angry youths nothing better to do they get free guns nowhere to use it so new trend .bigger guns

  3. What more information does the police need? The two guys with the high calibre rifles were seen by the officers. The same officers who indiscriminately damaged so many people’s property. The Pelican surveillance cameras that took the young man killing the other and walking away proud. Why is this young man not arrested and charged as yet. The cameras didn’t photoshop the incident. The officer with the bowel movement name, who is one of the gangs informant. Why is he still so previe to police intelligence? Now my solution to this current problem is to ask Dr Anthony and Jadia to ask their various clients to put down their weapons.

  4. @ HN: I’ll try to answer that question; se who you have in Cabinet. He is their boss; how did that murderer escaped from prison in Barbonneau and flew out? on a tiny Island such as this, if you can’t trust a few men living off tax payers money, and politicians who are enablers, then its time leave, pack up and leave and let that unholy trinity to run things. As sad as it is its pound to get worse because they have forgotten the Almighty God who created them.


  6. So what’s about the people who’s house hold appliances got destroyed because of the stray bullets I no of a neighbor her television got blowed up because of a stray bulllet what if a stray bullet had gotten somebody killed there are people with holes in the door the windows broken smh who will held countable for it after things are so hard with all the price increases

  7. My dear people, I can assure you that the gunfire in Vieux Fort was not from pistols. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of firearms would know that the guns being used were high powered rifles. The shell casings on the street were that of 5.56 ammunition.

    I am very dissatisfied with the police response to this vexatious issue. I am of the view that there is no organization to their response and the tactics utilized. For instance, the gang fights are within the Bruceville, Mangue and down town areas, yet the police response is to flood upper New Dock and upper Clarke street with police patrols while the problem areas are devoid of police presence. For heaven sake, redirect the policemen on the ground to the heart of the problem!!! That is the only way some normalcy will be returned to the town.

  8. You see what stlucia has become. Police officers are now scared of shooting because they are afraid the billet might kill. I agree with all officers don’t shoot because the slightest mistake will cost u your job , reputation and may even cost you your life. The criminals Are happy that they are in control. Please send Mary to do the job of the police even if it’s for a week.

  9. What happened to the 120 officer raid? that wasn’t immediately called in? Where’s the backup,so Just the 2 officers who called out, than proceeded to loose the 2 masked men carrying pistols in that small town!….

  10. May be it’s just me but i am trying to figure out how the hell on a small island like St Lucia it’s so difficult for the police to arrest those culprits? i await your comments….

  11. Dumb Asses. Simple policing put up a Police Post in the crime hotspots. (1) You response time will be quicker (2) Fellows would think twice before doing anything (3) Residence would have a sense of security. If all hell fails declare a State of Emergency in those hotspots.

  12. “The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is appealing to members of the public with information regarding this incident”: read the comments on the pass stories you will get some answers as to a lead with information as well

    “Despite giving chase, the two men were not apprehended”: some of you cant even run behind your own shadow cause yall belly to damn big and yall not fit there should really be a physical fitness demand for these officers in certain groups of the force.

    We continue to emphasize the significance of police and community partnerships in achieving a reduction in crime: Lol look how yall treated the fellas in bois den jacmel just shoot on them for no proper reason you think the commuinty will trust some of you?

  13. Can anyone trust the police to give them information?
    Cpl Motion can Larry trust you? Do you hold anything for him?

  14. A bunch of nonsense. And when u go and give them information they themselves go back and tell the fellas you’re a snitch. Y’all know who doing it y’all know the perpetrators y’all want the public to come and point fingers to y’all. It’s always when it escalates and one set has to respond y’all getting involved. The situation has escalated to this point. Shame. When y’all rep said there will be no peace this is what he meant?

  15. That is why you need a to have a team when responding to such. Comprised of drone reconnaissance team to guide the ground troops. Lock down the area whilst your drones identify and track the suspects whereabouts then you close in on their location. ……. and for the grand finale, give them some lead to have and to hold. Simple!


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