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Updated on June 5, 2020 7:29 am
Updated on June 5, 2020 7:29 am
Updated on June 5, 2020 7:29 am

Police Say ‘Gunman Video’ Likely Not From Saint Lucia

A video of a young man brandishing what appear to be two automatic weapons while three handguns are visible in the pockets of his trousers likely did not originate in Saint Lucia, police say.

Screen grab from video

The youth has his identity concealed.

“In relation to that video, more than likely it looks like it has originated outside of Saint Lucia,” Assistant Police Commissioner for Crime Management and Intelligence, Wayne Charlery, told reporters Tuesday.

Screen grab from video

In response to a question from a reporter, Charlery said the police are concerned about the circulation of such videos either by persons on social media or media houses.

“We see a perpetuation of  lawlessness,” he explained.

According to the senior police officer, law enforcement authorities would like to see in instances where videos of ‘unsavoury incidents’ pop up, individuals and media houses contact the police to determine whether the recordings originated locally.

“We want to encourage the media houses to at least touch base with us before it is aired and it is aired with the intent or with the background that it is of Saint Lucian origin, whereas in most instances it is not,” Charlery said.





  1. These are Paintball guns and not real weapons. On the receiver of the “sub machine gun” you can clearly see the brand name TIPPMANN – an established manufacturer of paintball guns and accessories.

    • So clearly the cops have no investigative acumen. Here are non professional clearly being able to ID the “guns” as not real yet the police’s response is that the video is not from St. Lucia. No wonder crime is so rampant here. Criminals know they will never be caught.

  2. Wow, is that the extent of your investigations!

    No mention that the supposed guns could be paintball guns as mentioned by a commentator.

    No wonder they are so many unsolved cases.

  3. The media doesn’t have to contact the police force before doing their job this is not a police state

  4. We do have some legitimate issues here, but there are some very dedicated and hard working people in our police force. As in many small developing economies, they struggle with a shortage of critical human, financial and material resources in areas like forensics; which in turn hampers their ability to investigate and solve a lot of criminal cases.
    To alleviate these issues; instead of focusing on party line divisions, citizens should find consensus on common areas of concern – like crime – and use the huge leverage of the electorate to influence meaningful change.
    When the citizenry is busy dancing to (political) party tunes, as we largely are, the politicians keep spinning the songs. If the electorate had a more unified voice, the politicians woukd change their tunes and things would start to swing in a more progressive direction.
    The people hold the real power and by extension the responsibility, over the status quo.
    Change is only a mindset away. Peace to all.

  5. Mr Charlery, no disrespect to you personally but the statement “…..more than likely it looks like it has originated outside of Saint Lucia,”

    Sir as an officer of Law you are in the correct position to know that “words” and the choice of words used when making statements / press releases is highly important.

    Some may think am being pedantic but your statement doesn’t provide any re-assurance on whether or not the video was created in St Lucia.

    We’re more or less in the same position as were when the video came out (re questioning is that really Jacmel/St Lucia) – “more than likely” isn’t confirmation that it didn’t originate from St Lucia

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