Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Police Say Kimberly de Leon Homicide ‘Comprehensively Investigated’

Saint Lucia police, asserting that the Kimberly Williams de Leon homicide has been ‘comprehensively investigated’, have announced that they believe very soon the DPP can be approached for advice on the way forward based on the evidence.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Wayne Charlery, gave the information to reporters Thursday at a news conference.

“Very soon based on the comprehensive investigation that has been done we will be in a position to engage the DPP for advice on the way forward,” Charlery disclosed.

HeĀ  said that the investigative file is still with the police and explained in response to a reporter’s question that no time line could be given.

“Understand this – in your line of work there will be time lines,” Charlery told reporters.

He said that after Thursday’s news conference, the reporter would have to return to his media organisation and file a report to the public at a certain time.

The senior police official stated that it was not as easy as that for the police.

“Investigations have a life of their own in that as leads come up and evidence turns up, we have to do the assessment and move in terms of the evidence – what we have at hand.”

“Sometimes we may think that the investigation has two weeks and we can tie it up by then; but that may not be the case at all,” Charlery observed.

“Understand that eventually this investigation process will be examined in a court of law and we want to give that its best chance, not just from our end – from the prosecution end, but from the defendants’ end to ensure that their rights are protected. So we have to do things properly,” he declared.

Kimberly De Leon, a mother of two who was married to a police officer, was shot dead at her Chef Harry Drive residence, Morne Fortune, on October 29, 2018.

Her relatives and friends have said that they are determined to do everything possible to bring her killer to justice.

Just recently, frustration over what she described as police inactivity in the case prompted Alix Williams, the aunt of the deceased, to stage a one-woman protest in downtown Castries.





  1. You guys know who the killer is already from the night she was shot by the person of intrest the cop killer he must pay for it every pig has it Saturday

  2. we must understand that evidence is something critically needed for true justice to be served. We as a people must understand that although emotions are raging, due process should always be exercised. In every serious matter, the DPP is always the one to give directives to the police with the way forward in a case. Charging someone on information and not physical or compressed circumstantial evidence is a waste of justice because when this matter gets to the court, and it is dismissed due to technicalities and lack of evidence, we will turn back to cast blame on the police.

  3. That’s going no where. It’s just another dead case. So sad. So many cases go unresolved. WHY? WHY? SOMEONE TELL ME WHY???

    • Incompetence and corruption is why. Unless we ensure the latter is removed from high office the former will ensue.

  4. Most times you would see the police make arrests with no solid evidence and the person is stuck on remand until they can build a case. Why isn’t that done with this one. Oh yes i forgot, the suspect is a fellow officer.

    • Tell me about it. This young woman will haunt this murderer for his/her entire life!! Wrath and indignation as we have a killer in the midst!! Sadddd!!

  5. If it was a nobody he/she would have been already detained and beaten up. The police force is so corrupt. This case is just dragging and soon will be forgotten as with so many others.

  6. Scotland Yard should have been brought in on this one. This should not have been left for our police to handle, since it is the wife of one of their own. ————-

  7. There is corruption everyehere in st Lucia government, banks, insurance companies, police force security companies NIC doctors lawyers the board of directors on the nic schools and the Catholic church

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