Police Say Lawbreakers In Viral Videos Will Be Arrested

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Police have issued a warning to lawbreakers captured in viral videos.

Officers say once they can identify the lawbreakers, they will face arrest.

“These very videos that are going viral will be used against you. Once we can identify persons in those videos and once we can ascertain that they have committed an infringement of the law, they will be taken into custody to be dealt with according to the law,” Superintendent George Nicholas told a news conference on Monday.

The warning comes against the backdrop of recent incidents in which hostile crowds have confronted officers.

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Persons in the crowd have on occasion encouraged individuals to resist arrest.

And they have even pelted officers with bottles and other missiles.

In one of the most recent videos, a police officer drew his gun as a male grabbed him by his shirt.

The officer was in uniform at the time when the incident occurred this week in Castries.

Superintendent Nicholas reminded the public that the police have a responsibility to enforce the laws.

As a result, he said officers will take action once people break the law.

Nicholas observed that the police have exercised lots of restraint and have been very tolerant.

But he warned that when officers are carrying out their duties, people should not interfere.

Nicholas said that people who are normally law abiding citizens jump on the bandwagon to foster resistance against the police.

“I am asking these persons to stay away,” he stated.

“When you see the police dealing with somebody who has committed an offence, allow the police to carry out their functions,” Nicholas said.

“Do not get involved,” he asserted.

And police say people who have a grievance against officers can lodge a complaint.

Headline photo: Screen grab from viral video on social media last week

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