Police Say Male Who Made Explicit Threats Against Them Is Overseas

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Saint Lucia police say a male individual who made explicit threats against them in a social media video, is overseas.

The male issued the threats in the video on social media this week.

He spouts several expletives in a rant in Saint Lucian Kweyol against the police.

And he accuses officers here of arresting ‘Ghetto youths’ for ‘pappi show’.

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In the recording the man says the police arrested a youth here because his COVID-19 mask did not cover his nose.

The man in the recording among other things, called on Ghetto youths to rise up against the police.

A law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that a probe has so far revealed that the man who issued the threats is overseas.

The official did not say where.

However, the official disclosed that officers here had in the past arrested him for a ‘minor offence.’

The man himself makes reference to the arrest.

The law enforcement official said the man, while in Saint Lucia, lived in the North of the Island.

Individuals have in the past, made other threats against Saint Lucia police.

In one of the more notable responses to such threats, in May, 2020, heavily armed police mounted an operation in Central Castries.

It came after a self-proclaimed gangster insulted an officer and threatened him in a video that went viral.

And police arrested the man who had made the threats.


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