Police Say Matters of Bail Out of Their Hands

A suspect who had some $30,000 in various vehicle parts in his possession was granted bail in the sum of $3,000, it was revealed at a police news conference Friday.

The amount of the bail has prompted incredulous responses on social media.

When the bail was disclosed at Friday’s news conference and a reporter pointed out that it was not a deterrent, Assistant Commissioner of Police responsible for operations, George Nicholas responded that it was a matter which is out of the hands of the police.

“All we can do is apprehend the criminals, bring them to justice – the discretion is in the power of the magistrate or the judge to set bail accordingly,” Nicholas told reporters at the news conference which focussed on the recent spate of vehicle thefts.

The senior police officer said that the police will continue to pursue the criminals responsible for the thefts.

“One we can lay our hands on them we are going to apprehend them and take them to justice,” Nicholas said.

Both Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis have in the past expressed concern about the level of bail imposed by the courts for various offences.



  1. This is BS. Show the public the faces of the heartless dogs who steal people vehicles. The police and magistrates are just as heartless as the thieves. Is high time we put a stop to this. The police and magistrates have no excuses. Stop making excuses for criminals. Stop putting them back out there in the public. Stop helping the situation and stop talking nonsense. Do what is right with these thieves or the victims will.start because we all know who they are.

    They are family and relatives of the police and magistrates. They are workers of the well known garages and body shops in St. Lucia. The owners of the body shops arw encouraging this.so they will not have to purchase parts to fix vehicles. They just send their workers to steal.people vehicles to get parts and charge the customers for it.

    People be careful which shop you bring your vehicle to. The may just be paying for stolen parts and you have no idea. Dont let me start calling names here on social.media. Stop this disgusting acts!!!!!!!

  2. If u really need a deterrent…someone needs to put that magistrate hybrid vehicle on four blocks and strip it to the core….these societal persons never feels it unless it hits their doorstep at home!

  3. How about mandatory sentencing for certain criminal offenses? This should have been done a long, long time ago. There is very little deterrence and that may be among the reasons for the continued problem.

  4. We need to finish with these judges,and the way they are sentencing these criminals.We need to create a comision to pass sentences,because the judges are being bought in many cases,and intimidated by people of influence.Some criminals are tied to lawyers and politicians and policemen.We have seen to many cases of criminals with guns,walking with silly amounts of money,when we have mandatory 5 years sentencing for posesion of an ilegal firearm.Lets punish the judges.We also need to have all the court cases,published and their sentencing,with all the names of those that took part in the case.After all we are suposed to be living in a democracy.We the people have a right to complain,when some idiots are not doing things the right way

  5. Wow, the courts really make it look like crime pays. Someone steals $30,000 and only have to pay 10% of that in bail which is $3,000. The thief can give a lawyer $5,000 out of the remaining balance to defend him and end up with a net profit of $22,000. I might get some verbal castration for defending the magistrate, but the magistrate may be following bail guideline that are archaic and vastly outdated. If that is the case, the laws need to be updated to reflect 21st century crime and punishment.

  6. Yea I got one place,that took all my parts,and sold them to another customer,and gave me back my car,saying it was fine.But before giving it back to me,they took it out on a Friday night,and fell in a ditch,they fixed it,but a month latter another mechanic broke the news to me,It was my wifes car,.When you turn into Beach Comer on the left beware.

  7. Bruce Golding a former Prime Minister of Jamaica vented his frustration on low fines; some of them as low as $20 Jamaican dollars. I was in Jamaica about five years ago and a jelly coconut was $40 Jamaican dollars. Which means a person can walk with a half of a jelly coconut and use it to pay a fine, or sell the jelly and use $20 dollars from the sale to pay the fine. I am certain that a jelly coconut cost much more that now, so the law breaker will have lots of change left over after paying the fine.

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