Saturday, February 22, 2020

Police Say No Motive Yet For Murder Of Babonneau Businessman

Saint Lucia police are yet to come up with a motive for the murder of Babonneau businessman, John Baptiste Honora.

The owner of Stamp Rite was shot multiple times Wednesday night at Reduit.

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir told reporters Thursday it appeared that the shooting was at close range because of what was observed by law enforcement at the crime scene.

Sources told St Lucia Times that Honora was shot at least six times.

Desir said the number of homicides are a concern to the police.

He asserted that if there are conflicts persons need to have means of resolving them, including seeking professional help and going to the courts.

“We have seen that persons do not value life – the life of individuals. Sometimes we even wonder of they value their own lives,” Desir noted.

He said the police will do all they can to bring perpetrators of crime to justice.


  1. What our chief cop is saying,that people need to resolve their problems in court.Im listening to the street,Honoras father died a couple of weeks ago,John Baptiste inherited all his fathers belongings ,and another brother got nothing,how bad.To manny court witneses have lost their lives before having their day in court.were are the investigations?

  2. For many, self-help justice is more satisfying than the court system where matters are decided on the fabricated evidence presented rather than the facts of the case. This can be fact-checked with the Police.

  3. For such a small island crime is extremely rampant. How could this happen and not one person saw anything. If you do not want to get involved …send an anonymous letter, make an anonymous phone call do something. Remember the shoe could be on the other foot and you could be saving someone else. The individual or individuals who committed this act are cursed and doomed to suffering and torment…why would you want blood 🩸 on your hands. The Lord will certainly avenge.

    In addition, it appears that the law enforcement in St. Lucia are afraid of the citizens vigilantes..this should not be. People hurry up before your island is taken over by criminals…and you all will be running for your lives from fear.

  4. As we all are aware, most persons are frustrated with the judicial system in this island. It takes forever for cases to be called, so i believe people are acting on their own impulses, which is sad. It is time for the police to seriously follow their leads, and stop pretending to not have a motive in the cases which can be solved.

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