Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Police Say No Report Made About Minister’s Involvement In Kidnap Case

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Two men have been arrested and charged in connection with a report of kidnapping, Saint Lucia police have confirmed.

But but law enforcement officials say there was no mention by the complainant of the involvement of a government minister.

Police spokeswoman, Acting Corporal Anne Joseph, identified the men  who were charged as Jonas James and Fanklyn Rambally.

Joseph said they were granted bail in the sum of $10,000 and $15,000.

She told reporters at a news conference Monday that the report of the kidnapping was made to the Gros Islet Police Station.

“We’ve received information that it was published that the matter was not taken down formally as a report and that is not correct,” Joseph said.

She explained that the matter was taken down as a formal report, an investigator assigned and an interview immediately conducted.

“Subsequently a statement was recorded from the victim of that matter,” Joseph disclosed.

She told reporters that the individual took part in two identification procedures after which the two arrests were made.

The police spokeswoman disclosed that one individual as charged the same day, Thursday August 15, 2019, and the second was charged the following day.

In regard to claims that a government minister had been implicated, Joseph said when the individual made the report there was no mention of any adverse or untoward behaviour on the part of any minister of government or MP.

“No one was reported in this matter as having done anything untoward – anything illegal,” she observed.

“What we can say is if this individual has any further details that he wishes to offer the police he is free to make a report at the Gros Islet Police station and that will be investigated,” Joseph said.

She noted that in the statement to the police the individual never made mention of any minister’s involvement.

The police statement follows news reports that a man was kidnapped, taken to an isolated farm and beaten  after being accused of  committing a burglary at a woman’s house.


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    • indeed, the victim voice spoke something completely different from what the police is saying. This guy should not speak to police anymore let the statement be file with his attorney presence and don’t feel scared in anyway – your bravery will expose the delinquency of police officers who support criminal elements to continue in this country.

  1. Confusion seems to be popping up everywhere. Media, government, people….has to be taking a toll on our psych. Latest whopper… shark caught in Dennery found with human remains. Sorry for bringing this up….This is the state of society presently.

  2. Why is the Police doing PR for Government ministers? I thought executive and judiciary branches was separate not any more it seems

  3. Well…well…well,this is getting worse..Mr Ellis case,fantastic that nobody knows or can say a thing,we dont investigate.All our talk shows,are a bunch of crap,steroid Ricky,Timothy,Andre and his religious nonsence,the child abuser.For Shane I spare you stick there.And all our phone philosophers,that feed Flows pocket every day.All these people make a living from our daily miseries,and never produce positive results.None of these people persue any serious investigation,they are just reading what is put infront of their mikes.Now we scared to talk,they threaten us,they come after our families,they spread all kind of trash,and our laws allow all this to happen.We have no defence,something has to change,we cant talk about all we see,that is wrong.because they come after us with vengeance,and ruin our lives.What is left for us,?do we take the law into our own hands? Hum…

  4. You have two kidnappers in custody,you mean to say you cant find out for who they were working? how much were they going to get paid? You really embarras yourselves,you look like idiots with uniform


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