Police Say They Alone Can’t Stop The Violence

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Saint Lucia police have appealed for help in stopping a recent wave of violence, declaring that they cannot do it alone.

The violence has so far resulted in 26 homicides this year, aside from a number of physical assaults including stabbings.

“I believe the police alone cannot do it all,” Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir told reporters this week.

He explained that the police would get information, investigate a matter and make an arrest in theĀ  case of a criminal offence.

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“But does it stop persons from committing crime?” Desir asked.

He observed that there are other institutions that should assist the police in preventing serious offences.

According to the acting police chief, once someone is arrested and brought before the court, the court needs to play its part.

Desir asserted that if the person is sentenced to time at Bordelais Correctional Facility, that institution needs to play its part as well.

“The whole community, the whole of Saint Lucia has to come together so that we will be able to stop that violence,” Desir declared.

He said it was not a matter of merely arresting law breakers.

On the matter of illegal guns, Desir disclosed that members of the public have been cooperating with the police by providing information regarding individuals who may have such weapons in their possession.

This week Saint Lucia police disclosed that five weapons, including one belonging to a female Custom’s Officer, were recovered.

The weapon was stolen from the woman’s vehicle.

Police have made several arrests in connection with the recovery of the firearms.

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