Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Police Say They Had Received Several Reports About Fatally Shot Suspect

Saint Lucia police say they had received several reports about Miguel Edward, alias ‘Mad Max’ Friday night, before he was fatally shot Saturday afternoon by lawmen.

Among the reports received, according to one source, was that the suspect tried to rob a male individual at gunpoint in Gros Islet Friday night.

“Grand Riviere residents said he was a menace in the area,” according to the source.

The deceased was being sought by Gros Islet police in connection with a report that he had attacked a 105 year old woman at her home in the North of the Island early Saturday morning.

Police tracked him down Saturday afternoon at the IGY Rodney Bay Marina where they say he was going to board a boat.

According to reports Edward reached towards his waistline as police approached, whereupon he was  fatally shot and died at the scene.

Police say he was wanted in connection with a number of other offences and had been in and out of prison.


  1. No inquest .That Criminal Should be Buried bright and early Monday Morning .Excellent job execured by the police

  2. lawmen said he reached towards his waist line , he was about to board a boat ,where was that boat ,can some one please me . photos of his body was seen by the pool, can someone tell me where was he shot pleas speak the truth ,was he shot on one of the docks and dragged to the pool area ? was any firearm recovered .
    something here dose not add up,i get the impression the police decided to put a hit on him themselves

    • Pankasio you sound like you support the criminals. The police did a very good job. So shut da hell up.

      • You shut up because in countries where people assume that the police did a got job all turned out to be false. Criminality is criminality and we certainly don’t need criminals going after criminals. When the police kills someone there is a process of investigation which has to occur. If was your family it would be a different story. So lets follow the process for everyone because nobody knows who are criminals because for all I know you could be the type that don’t carry a gun.

    • He was aboard a boat headed to Martinique. Thrown off by the operators as boarding time till afternoon, then boarded a dinghy, when olice approached him, reached for his firearm, was shot, Then run and climbed a picket fence and fell over on the ground where ou see him by the pool. OK Idiot. You trying and make the police look bad in executing their duties. The guy had a gun on Friday night and on Saturday morning. Yes I saw it all. So applaud the Police who put their lives at risk to rid us of this useless menace.

  3. Where do u see a POOL?.. That’s the VERY dock you’re talking about.. Because u see a ladder it seemed like a pool to you?..

    • If this criminal . Mad Max was in and out of prison. Then the system failed again.
      Also I do not believe that the police put a hit on him .. I believe the police had been instructed to take down a menace. And also don’t believe the guy was armed. The gun was planted after they shot him dead.. good job officers . But don’t think we all are fools. We know most of u police are corrupt.

  4. Good job RSLPF, he was a useless criminal, thief, animal rapist, serial rapist it seems. He need to be castrated. Thank god he was killed, god knows if he raped any children too.

  5. Yes idiot, question the police, they should find you and make you serve a life sentence for him. You sound like you are the voice of this MF. Shut your slack behind. Your man he was? Bullah

  6. I Am proud of you sir, one less The time is right for all lawabiding Lucians, to rally around our police force!

  7. There’s another one like him out there who tried raping a teacher RSLPF please go out there and get this animal who did this on the teacher..he may be sitting near me on a bus..they are possessed by satan and they all need to burn in hell!!

  8. Paniaiso asked some questions to get clarification on what exactly took place with the shooting and subsequent death of this supposedly notorious bandit. He has the right to ask even though the deceased was a scumbag and a menace to society. We have to ensure that every thing that’s done by our police is above board. I’m not accusing the police of anything untoward. But, was any illegal firearm found on the deceased as the police have insinuated? That’s a fair question. We want to trust every word that comes out of the mouths of our lawmen and women. We should always verify their account of any incident involving the police otherwise they may get away with extra judicial killings. Want to give a Shout Out to all the honest and hard working police officers.

  9. Pankaiso asks some really valid questions. Are the police going to provide the answers? I agree, he was a criminal but the police also need to abide by the law in apprehending the criminal. Note, I am not inferring that they didn’t. It’s just that the report said he was reaching for his waist, yet it did not state whether a gun, knife or any type of weapon was recovered on his person.

  10. I am very disturb by many of comments posted here. We as citizens must never ever lose sight and repeat over proper process and accountability no matter what.
    A serious crime had was committed and it was alleged the deceased was responsible. In pursuit of the accuser the law enforcement officer or officers shot and killed him. The matter does not end there, questions must be asked and answers received to ensure the laws of the land was followed.
    Regardless he was a criminal no human life must be taking taken and no questions asked? Where we allow law enforcement to act without asking questions of their actions is a recipe for chaos and lawless from does who are suppose to uphold law and order.

  11. How come our “reporters” haven’t sought any comments from Mary Francis in this case?

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