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Police Say They’re Not Taking Threat Against Them Lightly

Saint Lucia police have made it clear that they are not taking a threat against officers lightly.

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir told a news conference Thursday that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is investigating a threat issued against cops on social media.

The threat was issued following the discovery on Tuesday of the body of Benjamin Cyril, 22, of Bois Patat, after what police said was an exchange of gunfire with suspects who opened fire on the law enforcers at Bexon.

Desir told reporters that police are investigating the matter with a view of bringing whosoever is responsible to justice.

“We are not taking this lightly,” the Acting Police Chief declared.

“To threaten police officers I consider it very serious and I would say it is a security concern for Saint Lucia,” Desir asserted.

“When somebody has made serious threats against the police we will get this person in,” Desir stated.


  1. 10 years ago a Thug from the grove yard (Wilton ‘s’,Yard) Made threats against the police and a Colleague was Murdered .Whosoever Found wanting for making threats against the police Should be prosecuted.The Commissioner of Police Should address the Nation just as the Commissioner of Police from Trinidad did .

  2. We never seems to understand until it reach to our door steps …am not promoting the threats made to the police am very disregard of that but all we hear on news we put to consideration …slot the news said about him was a lie…..

  3. Police have issues too but need law and order . you can’t have thugs taking over lucia . too many senseless killings and robberies . even rape too . too many fire arms coming on Island through the drug trade . is that fair for you to work hard and thugs come to rob and kill you ? We all know the goods vehicles being rob up jackmel , sarrot , shop keepers being Ron and killed …. We lucians must have a tough stance against crime . can’t even leave your vehicle unlock . crime affecting the entire country . many foreign investors has shy away after seeing lucia crime statistics for a small island .

  4. Choops. Is that even news. A threat against me a law abiding citizen paying taxes should no be taken lightly also. We have those guys doing what they. Drive and ride like the roads in Lucia is theirs. The ,on or off duty police do nothing. The thugs are well known repeat offenders, the main bosses are close police friends. So if guys open fire on Police it is an indictment that clearly all u eh doing all u work. And his buddies know he bad but still want him around. Is like dem men believe we hv fly off the roads when the riding their scooters n bikes, we have to let them take all our hard earned belongings and hv no right to say anything or hit back. The police nvr had to make a verbal statement. All u know dem guys hangout spot n their friends. Squeeze their balls make them talk and those who don’t, deal with them accordingly.

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